Time For A Landscape Business Consultant?

A dozen consultants on how they help landscape companies reach new levels of success.

The Herring Group, landscape business consultant
(Photo: The Herring Group)

The Herring Group

Austin, TX
Founded 2001

Group Consultant: We are a group of financial leaders who serve as CFO-level consultants for landscape industry businesses, led by founder and CEO Greg Herring.

Specialties: Financial leadership; CFO-level consulting; “Path to 12%” (focus on profit margin and life margin); data warehousing; pricing services; operational insights; industry benchmarking; and custom reporting.

Typical Client: Our typical clients lead growing businesses in the landscape industry with revenues of $3M to $100M throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Method(s) Of Consulting: Our financial leaders meet with clients virtually, and integrate within the clients’ leadership teams on regular monthly video conference calls. In addition to consulting, we also partner alongside clients’ teams, and do a portion of the work ourselves, including building custom tools and reports.

What Clients Can Expect: At The Herring Group, we are financial leaders on a mission for greater margin. Our clients expect us to provide executive-level strategic vision and partnership, to help them achieve healthy profit margins, and help owners increase their life margins.

Utilizing the “Path to 12%,” integrated with the client’s data, The Herring Group empowers business owners, executives, and operational managers to make more informed business decisions with greater confidence. With CFO-level analytics, actionable reports, and industry intel, we give growing companies a competitive advantage and the courage to create real change.

The Herring Group’s 10th Annual Landscape Industry Benchmark Report (herring-group.com/benchmark) has been open to participants since October 24, 2023. This is a trusted source for financial information to celebrate your victories, identify opportunities, and inspire your team.

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