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A dozen consultants on how they help landscape companies reach new levels of success.

Landscape Leadership
(Photo: Landscape Leadership)

Landscape Leadership

Austin, TX (but our entire team is remote.)
Founded 2008

Group Consultant: We are an agency.

Specialties: Website design and development; photography and video production;
digital marketing; and sales enablement.

Typical Client: Lawn care, tree care, pest control, design-build, and commercial landscaping businesses only. Client revenues range from $2M to $40M. All in the U.S.

Method(s) Of Consulting: As a remote agency, most of our interactions happen over video calls. We occasionally travel to our clients’ locations.

What Clients Can Expect: Landscape Leadership is a sales and marketing agency, built by and for lawn and landscaping professionals. We have decades of experience as landscaping professionals and marketers. We know what works. Simply put, we help our clients attract more qualified prospects, increase annual revenue, and grow their bottom line.

Our clients don’t have time to execute the sales and marketing efforts they need to get to the next level. They understand marketing is only as good as it is effective at giving them an edge and bringing in new business. They need a partner with Industry knowledge as deep as theirs, someone who can hit the ground running.

As we partner with clients, we help to establish them as leaders in their local market – not only to prospective clients but also in the minds of job seekers. Landscape Leadership is proud to have a longstanding history of educating the Green Industry on how to improve sales and marketing at their organizations. Feel free to browse the hundreds of articles and videos on our website.

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