Tractor Supply Survey Reveals Homeowner Lawn Care Attitudes

25% of survey respondents use a lawn care company, but just 16% say the company does an excellent job.


Tractor Supply recently conducted a survey on homeowner attitudes toward lawn care. From cities to suburbs, the landscape of American lawn care is vast and unique, with diverse challenges, motivations, and regional differences. Some key findings for lawn care and landscape professionals include:

  • 25% of survey respondents use a lawn care company, but only 16% say the company does an excellent job.
  • 25% of homeowners say they are not confident in their ability to keep up their lawns. Weed control is listed as the top challenge.
  • In 2024, 7% plan to spend more, 69% intend to maintain their current spending, and 4% anticipate spending less on lawn care in 2024.
  • The states that spend the most on lawn care include Wyoming, with an average monthly spend of $273, followed closely by South Dakota at $175, and New Jersey at $128.
  • Millennials spend the most on lawn care, on average dedicating a substantial $701 monthly.
  • Homeowners with over a decade of property ownership invest significantly, with a monthly spending of $721.

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Here Are The Top Challenges

Americans face many different challenges when maintaining their lawns. A staggering 43% battle weeds, while 36% feel as though they don’t have enough time to devote to their lawn. Another 32% deal with grass dying or browning, and 25% grapple with the demands of preserving gardens and landscaping. To top it off, 21% find disposing of pet waste to be their biggest challenge.

25% of Americans feel happy about lawn care and 20% feel motivated, but 15% are exhausted, 14% are frustrated, and 11% are drained by it.

It doesn’t help that 58% of Americans don’t know the best direction to mow their lawns and 47% don’t know that it’s best to water their lawn in the morning.

Here’s Who Cares The Most About Their Lawns

Shedding a light on regional differences in the pursuit of well-groomed lawns across the nation, 3 of the top 10 states with the highest average monthly expenditure are in the Mid-Atlantic and another 3 are in the Mountain region. Topping the list are Wyoming, South Dakota, and New Jersey. The trend continues with Vermont ($113), Iowa ($108), South Hawaii ($100), Rhode Island ($80), Wisconsin ($74), Georgia ($71), and Massachusetts ($68).

In terms of the generational divide, millennials spend the most on average dedicating a substantial $701 monthly to lawn care. Gen X follows with $626, Baby Boomers invest $475, while Gen Z only puts in a modest $101 monthly.

Homeowners Share Their Biggest Motivators

The cost breakdown reveals that homeowners with over a decade of property ownership invest significantly, with a monthly spending of $721, while those in the 4-6 year range spend $612 monthly. Those who’ve owned homes for 1-3 years allocate $405 monthly, 7-9 year homeowners spend $169, and those under a year spend $142 monthly on lawn care maintenance.

The top motivation driving Americans to continue with lawn upkeep is the satisfaction derived from having a well-maintained lawn that looks good, followed by enjoying hands-on yard work. Other strong motivators include the desire to preserve or enhance property value, wanting to avoid judgment from neighbors, and desiring a space their kids can enjoy.

Over Half Of Respondents Don’t Know What Type Of Grass They Have

Caring for your lawn is crucial, and knowing your grass type is key. Variations in climate, sun exposure, and shade affect grass types differently and each type will have specific care and maintenance requirements, including foot traffic absorption levels.

Shockingly, 58% of Americans are in the dark about their grass type, whether it’s Bermuda or St. Augustine or any other common type.

Tractor Supply surveyed over 1,028 homeowners in the U.S.

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