Turf April 2024 Issue

With a focus on the Living Landscape, the Turf April 2024 issue features permaculture yards, natural pools, battery equipment, and green roofs. Plus, how to increase online leads.

Editor’s Letter

The Living Landscape

Turf February 2022 Issue

I forget who was presenting the seminar. I only know they were displaying a picture of a standard suburban front yard. A lawn, driveway, a few evergreen shrubs. If I had to describe it I would have called it a little boring, very typical, but low maintenance and neat. The presenter called it “sterile,” but they weren’t describing the aesthetic, they were referring to the actual ecological function — or rather, the lack of it.

That idea stuck with me. Previously, I had primarily thought of landscapes in terms of their design style: minimalist and boldly striking; or lush and romantic cottage garden; or formal and manicured. I hadn’t really thought of them as “sterile” or “fertile.” But today, as we face pollinator decline, the spread of non-native invasives, ongoing water crisis, and climate change, we are increasingly looking at landscape design not just for mere aesthetic function, but for its ecological function. When we examine a property through this lens, it changes the game entirely. It’s beautiful, but is it beneficial? It’s pretty, but does it have purpose?

Nature is smart, always busy, and most plants, particularly “keystone plants” have purpose in the grand design of things. This is why more landscapers, like Brandy Hall, founder of Shades of Green, are embracing the principles of permaculture, where among other things, plants in the home landscape provide food, medicine, and pollinator habitat. At Robin’s Nest LLC, Owner Christopher Paquette is using the natural filtering properties of plants to create gorgeous, chemical-free natural swim pools and ponds. And Jonathan Nuss, owner of David Brothers Landscape Services, is using the insulating and stormwater capture qualities of sedum to construct energy efficient and attractive green roofs. This is landscaping beyond borders where design, function, and environmental advantages easily and naturally converge.

We will always value beautiful landscapes. It’s what drew me to horticulture. But luckily, with just a little education, we don’t have to choose between stunning and sustainable.

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Turf April 2024 Issue | Table of Contents

Turf April 2024 Issue
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Permaculture Principles | What concepts can be applied to modern-day landscapes?

Natural Swimming Pools & Ponds | Landscape design, Nature, and recreation meet in this chemical free alternative.

Business: Increase Your Online Leads | 13 action items for the digital age.

Turf Care: Neonic Alternatives For Grubs | With neonicotinoids increasingly under fire, do you have a backup plan?

What’s Your Ecoregion? | Find your zone, then plant these “keystones” to maximize ecological benefit.

Tree Services®: Outsmarting Invasives | Today’s low seed set sterile cultivars are not your parent’s Bradford Pears

Design Build®: Green Roof Installation | Why limit your landscaping services? Here’s one company reaching new heights.

In The Field: Electric & Robotic Mowers | Three case studies exhibit when new tech is the right fit for your company and the client: Focal Pointe at Washington University, Turfscape at John Carroll University, and Grass Routes Mowing Services tackles steep Hawaiian hillsides.

The Yardstick: Frank Mariani | Building success upon success. Most recently with Mariani Premier Group.

Get Equipped: Battery-Powered Equipment

Get Equipped: Aerators, Spreaders & Sprayers

Get Equipped: Small Engine & Handheld Equipment

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