Turf DesignBuild: From Concept To Completion


Turf DesignBuild: From Concept To Completion

Turf DesignBuildSpring 2021 • Volume 14 • Number 1


COVID’s Effect On Design-Build | Outdoor projects thrived in 2020. Will the trend continue?

Prevent Permeable Pavement Clogging | Clean and maintain permeable interlocking concrete pavement for clog-free performance.

Outsourcing Design Services | Not enough time for the design aspect of design-build? A new service aims to make outsourcing landscape designs easy and affordable.

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Will 2021 be a good year for design-build projects? I can’t help but think so. When pandemic reality set in last March, it wasn’t until later that many clients realized they wanted to “up” their outdoor-living game. But by that time, it was often too late, as contractors and supplies were backlogged by demand. Above ground pools in my area were sold out; an arborist I contracted with in June didn’t arrive until October!

This year, while demand remains, clients have had a year to plan, plot, and save for projects. When Turf writer K. Schipper talked to landscape contractors, they confirmed that design-build projects thrived in 2020, and they expect a prosperous 2021. One contractor reported bookings for this summer are running at least two months ahead of 2019 figures. For more, see page D-3.

No matter the project, hardscape is nearly always an element. But how many landscapers take advantage of hardscape maintenance work? According to ICPI, permeable pavers present a real opportunity. Find out why on page D-5.

And finally, for those who have been letting the “design” element of design-build hold them back, a new service helps contractors break through that barrier with affordable outsourced landscape designs. To find out how it works, see page D-7. Get ready to “build” your business!

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