Turf February 2022 Issue


Editor’s Letter: March Madness

Turf February 2022 Issue

Like some of you, I live in a seasonal climate of winter days that are short on sun, but long on cold. It seems the perfect time for slowing down, but it’s the opposite here at Turf! We’re busy with lots of changes—including growth to six issues a year! You’ll also find a dynamic new look on Get Equipped product pages that we hope you’ll find eye-catching and easier to read. So welcome to our first February edition!

Admittedly, I’d rather be outside digging in dirt than behind a desk, but some of the most important work of business is accomplished sitting down. And that’s exactly why we focused on timely and challenging issues like: winning hiring strategies, recruiting more women, getting advertising bang for buck, and preparing for supply chain shortages, all of which should be addressed now, in the last gasp of Winter, before busy outdoor work hits.

Besides an expanded section of business management articles, Turf is prepping you for mowing when the grass starts growing. Popular YouTuber Brian Fullerton of Brian’s Lawn Maintenance teamed up with Turf to talk about mower trends he sees for 2022. Then, view what the most popular brands have introduced in Get Equipped: Mowers & Attachments!

Unfortunately, the return of grass growth also means the return of perennial weeds and diseases. Learn what Weed Man and its national chain of franchises identifies as the most widespread problems they’re expecting in 2022 and how they plan to handle them. For plant selection tips, read Go Materials’ report on last year’s most popular trees and plants—and what they foresee for the year ahead.

Did you think March isn’t that busy? Think again! But take comfort: a little March madness now should lead to a saner—and more profitable—year ahead.

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Managing Editor, Turf

Turf February 2022 Issue | Table of Contents

Turf February 2022 Issue

Top 5 Mower Trends | YouTuber Brian Fullerton offers his take on 2022.

Get Equipped: Mowers

Need Employees? | Use your website as a keystone of recruiting.

Recruiting Women | The next power move to build your team.

Get Equipped: Small Engine & Handheld Equipment

Marketing That Matters | Are you making these common mistakes?

You Want It When? | Successfully navigate supply chain shortages.

Turfgrass: Weed & Disease Control | Weather is inconsistent. Crabgrass, nutsedge, and brown patch can be counted on.

Get Equipped: Pesticides & Fertilizers

Popular Landscape Plantings | Favorites, new introductions, and expected trends.

Design-Build: Corporate To Community | ProMedica extends its outdoor spaces to an adjacent city park.

My Landscape: Weather Or Not | At Murray State University in western Kentucky, the grounds care team provides year-round service across the campus.