Turf Science New Products


Slow Shoot Growth

Cutless Granular systemic plant growth regulator from SePro slows shoot growth of hedges, shrubs and groundcovers in landscaped areas. Plants treated with Cutless Granular will require less trimming and have a more compact growth form. It can also help improve overall shrub shape and generate fuller plants by stimulating branching, promoting darker and greener foliage and enhancing flowering in some species. Also, since treated plants are able to re-allocate resources for defense and storage, many species may exhibit improved tolerance to disease and improved water use efficiency in pre-drought stress conditioning.

Cure and Control

Myclobutanil 20 EW fungicide from Quali-Pro is a systemic fungicide that stops and prevents plant disease without causing plant growth regulator effects or compromising plant health. Powered by myclobutanil, a demethylation inhibitor (DMI), this broad-spectrum, liquid fungicide, it provides both curative and protective control of powdery mildew, rusts, scab, leaf spots and many other nursery and greenhouse diseases. It features an easy-to-mix formula that’s compatible with nonionic and silicone surfactants.