Turfgrass Seed


Without turfgrass seed, how would we start so many lawns, grow so much sod or grow in so many areas? This month’s product focus includes companies that will be more than happy to help you with your upcoming project.

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Valley Green

Valley Green is New England’s largest independent seed source, offering turf blends and mixtures for sod farms, golf courses and other professional uses, at all levels of certification. Custom, wildflower and remediation seeds are also available through six locations in four states.

Arrow Seed

Cody and Bowie are turf-type buffalograss varieties with improvements in color, texture and density. Ultra-low water use rate and slow growth rate.

Bamert Seed

Offering a variety of native grasses, forbs and legumes, including buffalograss, Sideoats Grama, Blue Grama, Big Bluestem and Little Bluestem.

F.M. Brown’s

The company’s seed division offers turf and reclamation seed, with an extensive selection of stock mixtures, as well as custom blending.

Grassland Oregon

Offers traditional seed varieties and searches for effective seed solutions to fulfill unique and specific commercial and residential needs.

Jonathan Green

Black Beauty Ultra, Black Beauty, Drought Tough and Dense Shade mixes contain endophytes, making them naturally insect-resistant.


Shiraz Kentucky bluegrass is highly rated in NTEP trials for overall turf quality, disease resistance, winter color and spring green-up. Dark green genetic color.


Pickseed has been a source for high-performance turfgrass for over 30 years and has developed over 100 new varieties with superior ratings.

Smith Seed Services

T.L.C. Tall Fescue Blend contains Titan Ltd. tall fescue and features self-repairing rhizomes, excellent disease resistance and a high endophyte level.

Stock Seed Farms

Carries a complete line of native grass, wildflower, turf and field seed, including Cody and Bowie turf-type buffalograss seed.

Summit Seed

Ultra 3-D sod is dark and dense, with good overall appearance. It requires less fertilizer and greens up quickly in the spring.

TifSport Growers Association

TifSport certified bermudagrass’ density and strength help it recover rapidly from injury and stress. Also features cold hardiness and disease resistance.