Aerating is an important part of lawn care to maintain beautiful turf for your clients. Aerating can help alleviate soil compaction, which prevents the proper circulation of air, water and nutrients in the soil. And we all know that healthy soil means healthy turf.

Today’s aerators are a lot more user-friendly than those from the past, so if you are looking to upgrade your aerator or you want to start offering this service to your clients, it’s easier than ever.

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AerWay by Saf-Holland

Over the last 30-plus years, AerWay has technologically evolved from a basic 8-foot aerator to a newer sophisticated frame style with multiple sizes and tine choices.

Billy Goat Industries

The 19-inch-wide AE401 features a water weight positioned over the tines, tilt-up serviceability, Fold-n-Go handles and easy-adjust drive chains for simple service and convenient transport.


The AccuAire core aerator features FlexWing design to follow the contour of the ground, providing even penetration. Available in three-point and trailered models, in 69- or 93-inch widths.


The RA-21 offers a 21-inch aeration swath and a depth up to 2.75 inches though tough soil conditions. The core tines reciprocate at 450 revolutions per minute.

First Products

With the AERA-vators’ interchangeable shaft system, you can easily change shafts to achieve different types of aerification, from vibratory solid tine, core aerifiaction or slicing.


The Hooker aerator has zero-turn maneuverability with unique tine rotors that utilize the forward force of the mower to make holes up to 3 inches deep. Aerates 1.5 acres per hour at 5 mph.

Land Pride

CA15 series core aerators are available in 48-, 56-, 64- and 72-inch widths. Offers 3-inch spoon penetration with .5-inch hardened steel spoons. Also available in an 05 and 25 Series.

Lely USA

Lely Thatchers have four rows of tines staggered so debris can pass through while providing a working space of 1.5 inches. The 7mm tines are adjustable to nine working positions without tools.

L.T. Rich Products

The Z-Plug features a 40-inch aeration width, 18 hp twin-cylinder engine, zero-turn maneuverability and speeds of 8 mph. Covers 80,000 square feet and six attachments available.


The Verti-Drain 1513 has a working width of 52 inches and only requires a 20 hp tractor or can be used with the Redexim Carrier. It aerates to a depth of 6 inches with either coring or solid tines.


The TurnAer XT5 steerable and reversible aerator is available with optional 1-gallon tank Subaru engine or Briggs & Stratton engine, and a new weight system improving hill performance and control.


The ZRATOR is a steerable, frontmountcore plug aerator designed toallow aeration in all directions withoutraising the tines. No additionalweights needed.