July 19, 20, 22 SMART Technologies, Alternative Water for Landscape Irrigation, Predicting & Estimating Landscape Water Use. Palmdale. To learn more, e-mail [email protected].

July 21-22 Landscape Irrigation Auditor Class. Palmdale. For more information, e-mail [email protected].

July 21-24 California Landscape Contractors Association Summer Family Extravaganza. Fairmont Hotel, San Jose. For details, visit


July 20 Summer Seminar: Perennials. Phelan Gardens, Colorado Springs. To learn more, visit

July 27 Summer Seminar: Trees. Greenside Nursery & Landscaping, Colorado Springs. For more information, visit

August 3 Summer Seminar: Shrubs. Harding Nursery, Colorado Springs. To learn more, visit

August 10 Summer Seminar: Landscape Design. CSU Extension Office, Colorado Springs. For more information, visit


July 23-24, 31 Certified Landscape Technician Program Irrigation School. Urban Garden Center, Pearl City, and University of Hawaii Experiment Station Farm, Waimanalo. For more information, visit


July 19 PNW-ISA Workshop: Roots & Root Washing. Eagle. For more information, visit

July 20 PNW-ISA Workshops: Pruning for Commercial Landscapes; Tree Selection & Maintenance for the Treasure Valley. Eagle. To learn more, visit


August 14 Landscape Architecture Day. Logan Pass, Glacier National Park. To learn more, visit


July 29 Summer Pruning of Trees & Shrubs. Washington Park Arboretum, Seattle. For details, call 206-685-8033 or visit