Disease and Weed Control Products

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As turf battles the stresses of summer, you need the right weapons to combat diseases, fungi, weeds and other enemies.

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A single fall application of Shepherd fungicide protects against oak wilt, Dutch elm disease, anthracnose and more. Use with the Direct-Inject QC injection system.


KeyPlex 350 helps to boost plants’ natural immune system to create healthier, stronger plants that are better able to resist disease and stress.

Bayer Environmental Science

Interface fungicide combines multiple active ingredients and StressGard formulation technology. Non-DMI chemistry to address resistance and turf thinning issues.

BioSafe Systems

TerraCytePRO is formulated with activated peroxygen chemistry that eliminates moss, algae and turf diseases such as snow mold, summer patch and dollar spot.

Cleary Chemical

Torque fungicide contains tebuconazole in a water-based suspension formula. It is a DMI class product and labeled for major turf and ornamental diseases.

FMC Professional Solutions

Solitare provides postemergence control of sedges, crabgrass and broadleaf weeds. It is an optimized formulation of dual active ingredients.

JH Biotech

Fosphite is a systemic fungicide for the control of Pythium, rhizoctonia and downy mildew. It contains mono and dipotassium salts of phosphorus acid.

Tech Terra Organics

1-2-3 NPP is a naturally occurring polymer that induces systemic resistance in plants and improves soil water retention capability in drought conditions.

You’ll find product focuses on Sod Equipment; Topdressers, Spreaders and Seeders; and Blowers and Vacs in the August issue of Turf.