Erosion control is one of the industry’s major concerns. Here you’ll find products to help you whether you’re trying to prevent washouts on walks and paths, keep dust down or save an embankment.

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Featured Products

Express Blower

The Express Blower truck quickly installs blankets and berms for permanent sediment and erosion control. Also spreads mulches, composts, soil blends and more.

Finn Corp.

Specializing in erosion control equipment since 1935, with product lines including HydroSeeders, bark blowers and straw blowers.

Pik Rite

Eden hydroseeding equipment comes in skid, trailer and truck-mounted configurations with various engine options, mechanical agitation, hydraulic drive and more.

Turbo Technologies

The HM-500-HARV hydromulcher features a 25 hp Kohler Command Pro engine, hydraulic reversible agitator, gear pump for heavier slurries and a poly tank.

Earth Chem

EarthBound polymer products are used for soil stabilization and cleaning up dirty stormwater. The nontoxic products control erosion and remove suspended sediment.

Forestry Suppliers

The Aspen Wattle is designed for use on slopes to minimize displacement of sediment, in channels, as small check dams and to restrict sediment-laden flow from inlets.


Gro-Power Controlled Release 12-8-8 is an ideal fertilizer/soil conditioner to add to a hydroseeding slurry. Available in three formulations.

Mat, Inc.

The Green Guard TRM System combines Tenax Multimat 100 and Flex Guard for a strongly lofted, porous fiber mat that aids in vegetation establishment.

S2T Grass Reinforcement

Roll-in grass reinforcement tiles are made from recycled hard plastic. Perfo tiles have a 50 percent open structure and Terra-Grid tiles have a 75 percent open structure.

Strata Systems

The Sleeve-It fencepost anchoring system integrates stable fence footings into the support structure of retaining walls while the retaining wall is being constructed.


Flat Top Series machines come in 625, 950 and 1,200-gallon sizes and provide a large storage deck and integrated clear water holding tank that fills automatically.

Valley Green

KaPre Germin8, developed for the hydroseeding market, ensures rapid early growth with a healthy root system. Unlocks nutrients that are tied up in the soil.