Whether the job is large or small, there are many options out there today to help with control erosion. Examples include hydroseeding, mulching, netting, blankets, mats, silt fences and more.

These are just a few types of equipment and products you can use. Whatever type of job you have to take on, check out the listing of products we have in this month’s product focus.

And, don’t forget, you can find additional information about the companies highlighted in blue by visiting their advertisements in this issue.

American Excelsior Company

American Excelsior offers complete products and support for a full erosion project cycle, from its software, ErosionWorks, to training and education in the field.

BioPro Technologies

H30 Plus Root Zone Moisture Manager attracts free water molecules like tiny “water magnets” and converts them into microscopic droplets. Improves seed germination when hydroseeding.

Bowie Industries

The Victor 800 is suited for various seeding projects. The low-maintenance 958-gallon model offers a tower-mounted spray nozzle or hose discharge, and comes with a 3-inch Bowie Gear Pump.

Ecologel Solutions

Hydertain Root Zone Moisture Manager improves seed germination rates, faster establishment of seedlings and healthier root growth when used during hydroseeding.

Express Blower

Express Blowers’ long-range capabilities make extensive and/or remote sites manageable, and the blown-on application ensures the erosion control blanket or sediment control berm contours the soil surface.

FINN Corporation

Bark Blowers mounted on tracks are used in extreme conditions for filling sediment control filter socks more quickly and effectively than silt fence. Also offers hydroseeders and straw blowers.


GroLife is a mycorrhizal inoculum and a soil conditioner ideal for re-vegetation projects in problematic sites, such as severely disturbed soil, extreme soil conditions, mine tailings and superfund sites.

Hamilton Mfg.

NaturesOwn line of hydro mulch products is made from hand-sorted recycled newspaper. With six specially-designed USDA BioPreferred products, there a mulch for every job.

Hoelscher Commercial Products

The GR series of pull-type graders features power tilt that allows for on-the-go adjustment of the moldboard. Blade height is maintained by tractor’s three-point hitch.

Land Pride

The CR2572 Straw Crimper keeps seed in place and undisturbed soil on top for final step before seeding for erosion control. Features 72-inch width and optional water tanks to help force discs into hard-packed soil.

Mat, Inc.

Soil Guard is the original Bonded Fiber Matrix that set the industry standard for BFMs and has more than 20 years of worldwide success.

MulchGard International

MulchGard Professional Mulch Binder is nontoxic and environmentally safe liquid bonding agent that binds fibers together to form a cohesive, flexible mulch “blanket”.

TurfMaker Corporation

The TM390 features a 390-gallon capacity, 13 hp Honda engine, hoses and reel. Ideal for applying erosion control blanket replacement products.