Nissan Chemical to Buy Thifluzamide from Dow AgroSciences

Nissan Chemical Industries, Ltd. and Dow AgroSciences have closed on the sale of Dow’s thifluzamide fungicide business to Nissan.

Thisfluzamide is highly active against Basidiomycete fungi, in particular Rhizoctonia solani, primarily in rice, potatoes and turf markets. The purchase allows Dow to focus on other priority solutions in its ag chemical and biothechnology product portfolios.

BroadStar Herbicide Now Labeled for Landscapes

BroadStar Herbicide from Valent Professional Products is now labeled for use in landscapes. Providing preemergence control of annual grass and broadleaf weeds in ornamental shrubs, trees, ground covers, non-bearing fruit/nut trees and vines and bareground non-crop settings, it controls a variety of weeds, including groundsel, chickweed, spurge, dandelion, crabgrass, goosegrass and more.

PBI/Gordon Joins ACRC

PBI/Gordon Corp. has joined the Ag Container Recycling Council. Since their inception, the ACRC has aided in the collection and recycling of over 100 million pounds of containers, including specialty pest control containers, that would otherwise be directed into landfills. In addition, they educate consumers about the appropriate treatment of these containers, including triple-rinsing and disposing of the rinsate in areas that will not be harmed.