Here’s a sneak peek at what our advertisers will be introducing during the show!

Rover Ride-On

The Rover XR is a new ride-on spreader from Ground Logic, featuring a 220-pound Spyker hopper. It also features a new heavy-duty spinner gearbox and a reinforced sulky hinge. This machine is an excellent choice for larger commercial properties, sports fields and acreages. All of Ground Logic’s machines include all-stainless construction and Honda engines.

Tilt Trailer

The T712 Tilt Trailer from Bri-Mar Mfg. offers an easy way to load and unload equipment. There is no need for ramps; simply drive onto the low-angle deck and the hydraulic cylinder does the rest. It boasts a GVWR of 6,000 pounds, a 12-foot deck length, a deck width of 80 inches inside and 102 inches overall, an empty weight of 1,620 pounds and a 13-degree load angle.

Clean Up Faster

Billy Goat’s new DL3500V 35 hp, electric-start debris loader shaves hours off cleanup with its exclusive dual shredding system with Piranha blade and 5,050 CFM of suction power. It features a 20-inch impeller with 18 cutting points for a debris reduction ratio of up to 12-to-1; a 14-inch-by-10-foot clear poly helical hose; and a no-tool, no-thread, 360-degree, hand-adjustable rotational exhaust.

Liquid Dinotefuran Formulation

PBI/Gordon Corp.’s Zylam liquid systemic insecticide controls many of the toughest insects on trees and shrubs. It contains the active ingredient dinotefuran. It is the first and only liquid dinotefuran formulation available for the professional landscape market. Use on ornamental plants such as trees, shrubs, vines and flowering plants. High water solubility allows for rapid plant uptake and translocation through root and plant tissue. Various application methods such as soil drench or injection, bark banding and foliar spray allow for flexibility based on target insects, plant species and application timing.

Advanced Mowers

The TANK SZ and LZ from Cub Cadet are technologically advanced zero-turn mowers. The TANK SZ delivers maneuverability, turf protection and traction – due to Cub Cadet’s exclusive four-wheel steering and steering wheel control. The TANK LZ features an intelligent and responsive lap bar system and offers professional-quality results. These riders offer a durable frame and chassis, and a lifetime warranty to back it up.

Build a Proposal

The new and improved Go iLawn Proposal Builder is a fast, easy way to create professional proposals that sell. Use Proposal Builder with the Go iLawn measuring system or on its own to produce custom landscape and snow removal proposals. Proposal Builder comes equipped with industry production rates, snowfall data and an easy-to-use format to help contractors generate proposals like never before.

Pick a Direction

New this year from Hurricane’s R&D team is the Hurricane X3. It has taken the ZTR riding debris blower to the next level by being able to blow over 6,500 CFM in three directions. With the flip of a switch, the user can blow left, right and forward. With this versatility and speed up to 8 mph, operators will enjoy more efficiency.

Accurate Application

Know the flow and apply with accuracy with the CDS-John Blue VisaGage II Flow Monitor. It enables users to monitor flow rates of liquid fertilizers and herbicides, which helps to improve efficiency and profitability. It is a cost-effective and simple device to install. The VisaGage II is available in single columns or in sets of four flow monitor assemblies. See the balls in line and know your rate is uniform. Also new to the lineup is the VisaGage II Flow Monitor for fumigant products. All CDS-John Blue VisaGage II units have UV protection for a longer life.

Spread and Spray

Turfco’s T3000i spreader-sprayer features intuitive upgrades, while still being small enough to fit through a 36-inch gate and productive enough for large properties. The hands-free speed control system and pedal allow operators to keep one hand free at all times to run the spreader-sprayer, and the new trim-speed lock feature allows operators to trim a property at a consistent speed and quickly switch back to a wider application. A new variable-speed diaphragm pump creates larger droplets for an optimum spray.

Get a Grip

OTR Wheel Engineering is supplying a 5.5-inch-wide rubber directional snow track for manufacturers producing self-propelled, track-driven snowblowers. The OTR Snow Track is designed to perform in low temperatures and features snow-gripping cleats that will provide excellent traction in practically any snow condition. The OTR Snow Track will provide outstanding traction when going up and down steep, snow-covered inclines and over slippery ground.

Powerful Track Loader

The new TL10 track loader from Takeuchi features a powerful EPA Tier 4i-compliant engine. An exclusive “Eco Mode” function reduces fuel consumption during operation, and new selectable auxiliary work modes allow the operator to fine-tune the hydraulic output to three specific settings. With an operating weight of 10,318 pounds, tip load of 6,867 pounds, and an improved rated operating capacity of 2,403 pounds, the TL10 features a sleek interior with enhanced controls and pressurized cab with improved HVAC performance.

Plug and Play

Ventrac tractors are designed with an articulating frame, front-end attachments and all-wheel drive traction in a compact design. The new Ventrac 4500 tractor builds on the company’s past while redefining the future. The sealed electrical system protects fuses, relays and terminals from corrosion and outdoor elements. A new automotive-style wire harness allows a quick “plug and play” feature for ease of connecting optional tractor accessories. Operators of the new 4500 are kept informed of operational temperatures, oil pressure or low voltage levels with the enhanced instrumentation of the new six-function warning gauge. Multiple engine options are available, including propane. A fold-down ROPS is standard.

Human-Powered Spreader

Earth & Turf Products announced the human-powered compost spreader. The economical, walk-behind Model 45HP works well for spreading compost with up to 25 percent moisture content on lawns and small turf areas everywhere. The unit’s three-wheel maneuverability makes it possible to get jobs done fast, even in tight quarters. The 45HP features a 4.5-cubic-foot hopper capacity. It is 30 inches wide and spreads materials using a reciprocating screen design, which produces an even, full-width spread pattern, 1/8 to .25 inch thick, in one pass.

The Master Mower

The Toro Z Master Professional 6000 Series EFI mower features closed-loop EFI technology from Kohler engines, which allows the engine to automatically adapt to changes in load, weather, fuel and altitude.

The unit is equipped with a 29 hp Kohler EFI engine that powers the 60- or 72-inch TURBO FORCE cutting deck. The efficient and high-quality cut of the deck is further enhanced, thanks to the ability of the engine to adapt to its environment.

Winning Winch

Switch-N-Go now offers an 18,000-pound hydraulic winch for appropriately sized trucks. The winch is only available for hydraulic Switch-N-Go systems and upgrades are available from the 15,000-pound hydraulic winch system. A larger scissor hoist is also available for heavier dump capacities on some models.

Be a Good Sport

Wright Commercial Products’ Sport X mower, based on the company’s popular Stander X, combines the features of the Stander with the choice of stand-on or sit-down operation.

The Sport X mower is equipped with an easy-to-use deck-lift system and Wright’s new AERO CORE deck design. The height of the 48-, 52- or 61-inch decks can be adjusted on the fly, and the 9.5 mph cut speed increases productivity without sacrificing comfort.

The fold-away seat is positioned so the operator can step off for quick exits or to remove debris, and the mower stops immediately. An operator presence switch on the foot platform stops the blade and engine, and the control levers return to the neutral position when the operator lets go.

Built to take on landscape challenges, including steep hills, the Sport X features a low center of gravity and large wheels.

Stay Sharp

New for 2013, the MAG-8000 universal lawn mower blade sharpener from Magna-Matic enters its sixth generation. It continues to be the only sharpener in the industry that can sharpen both mulching blades and conventional blades. The newly designed angle adjustment allows the user to dial in a range of blade angles. From 20 degrees to 45 degrees in five-degree increments, the MAG-8000 is the first in the industry to provide the ability to choose an angle for a rotary lawn mower blade.

High-Horsepower Tractor

The new Steiner 440 tractor from Schiller Grounds Care offers an assortment of high-horsepower engines (32, 34 or 40 hp gas or 24.9 hp diesel). It features an all-steel fuel tank, 200-watt halogen quartz front headlights, 1,500 PSI of lift pressure, Eaton Series hydraulic pump and transmission, Peerless 2600 dual-range transaxles, 5-gallon-capacity hydraulic oil reservoir, 7-inch seat slides, an all-new operator panel design that puts control at your fingertips and standard folding ROPS. The 440 utilizes four-wheel drive and all-wheel traction to tackle any terrain and articulating power steering with an oscillating frame to maintain a compact footprint and agility. Switching attachments is simple with the Quick-Hitch system.

Plugr Aerators

SourceOne Outdoor Power Equipment continues to grow and update its line of Plugr aerators and will introduce three new or redesigned products at the GIE+EXPO. Completely new for 2013 is the PL845 Pro VS, the first variable-speed, reciprocating walk-behind aerator. Additionally, the popular Pro and Pro SS series aerators will be introduced with new design enhancements for next season.

All-Wheel Drive

Husqvarna will introduce the HU800AWD mower, featuring all-wheel drive that permits operation in wet, hilly or uneven conditions by allowing all four wheels of the mower to receive power from the engine simultaneously. Premium wheels with new rugged tread tires provide excellent traction without tearing the grass. Other features include a heavy-duty steel deck, powerful engine, grass collection, mulching and a side bumper that doubles as a grass rake to pull in the grass for a clean trim. It is equipped with a four-point adjustment for level cutting height and a water hose connector for easy cleaning of the deck. With a premium comfort grip control bail and variable drive speed, the operator is able to mow more comfortably and adjust the mowing speed according to the needs and condition of the lawn.

Two Trimmers and a Chain Saw

The DS 2200 and DS 2400 series line trimmers lightweight models. Designed with the homeowner in mind, the DS 2200 has an excellent power-to-weight ratio. The DS 2400 delivers enough power for a professional user while still remaining extremely light. The MT 4400 chain saw is designed to work for any user from a homeowner to a demanding farmer. The MT 4400 is powerful and compact, making it easy to use.