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Whether you’re looking to establish turf or control erosion, a hydroseeder can make easy work out of a tough job.

Use this guide as a first step, and remember, you can find additional information about the companies highlighted in blue by visiting their advertisements in this issue.

Bowie Industries

The Bowie 300 skid-mounted model seeds up to 4,000 square feet per tank load and features a 354-gallon capacity. Ideal for small seeding and touch-up jobs.


FINN Corporation

FINN Hydroseeders use 100 percent hydraulically driven, mechanical paddle agitation and liquid recirculation. Variety of units ranging from 300- to 4,000-gallon capacities with numerous options.


Pik Rite

Eden hydroseeding units are available in skid, trailer and truck-mount configuration with various engine options, mechanical agitation, hydraulic drive and fresh water flush tanks.


Turbo Technologies

The HY-500-HE hybrid system features paddle and jet agitation, poly tank, 8 or 13 hp Honda engines, heavy-duty spray platform and turret gun. Skid or pull units.


TurfMaker Corp.

Hydromulchers are designed to apply spray-on erosion control blanket products and range in size from 325 to 1,200 gallons, with various options and accessories.


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