Ants, chinch bugs, grubs and burrowing animals—small in size, but big in the bothersome department. Those of you who come face to face with these nuisances on a day-to-day basis don’t want sympathy, you want solutions. The companies below offer a plethora of products to get rid of these problematic pests!

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ArborSystems Pointer Insecticide contains imidacloprid as the active ingredient and provides control of many tree pests, including emerald ash borer and other borers, beetles and aphids. Almost any tree can be treated in five minutes or less with the Direct-Inject QC unit, a no-drill trunk injection system.


BioLogic produces beneficial nematodes to kill pest insects.HETEROMASK controls over 230 pests, including white grubsand black vine weevils. SCANMASK controls cutworms, sodwebworms, white grubs and more. Both products are safe forpeople and pets, with no phytotoxicity.

JPF BirdScare

JPF’s 15 mm Screamer Siren noisemaker manages bird and wildlife problems by disrupting eating, nesting and mating patterns. The sound can be heard for 45 yards. Also offers Bobbex repellent spray, Shellcrackers, Birdscare Rockets, Bird Bangers, ear protection and safety glasses.


Dragonfire CPP controls root and leaf-invading nematodes. Ontrol combats nematodes and certain plant insects. Teracure is used to control certain insects and pests, such as chinch bugs and aphids. These all-natural products are easily applied by sprayer or through irrigation/fertigation systems.

Soil Technologies

Garlic Gard insect repellent spray is a natural technology to discourage insect infestations. Used to repel a variety of crawling and flying insects, it is effective for up to a month. It is a foliar-applied product that is absorbed throughout the plant and causes biochemical changes in the foliage.


Imida Pro 2SC and Imida Pro Plus 5 Percent granular are systemic insecticides that contain imidacloprid and control over 50 different insects.


TREE-äge is an emamectin benzoate pesticide that controls emerald ash borer larvae and adults. Administer with TREE I.V. or QUIK-jet injection devices.


The Bird-B-Gone Mist system releases a fine mist of methyl anthranilate, a nontoxic grape extract that repels pest birds from large, open spaces.


Acelepryn controls 10 key turf-damaging white grub species and surface-feeding insects such as annual bluegrass weevils, billbugs and cutworms.

Ecological Laboratories

Microbe-Lift/BMC is a liquid product that kills developing mosquitoes, disperses easily in water and is not toxic to fish or plants.

Envirometrics Systems

BugBarrier Tree Bands consist of a flexible fiber barrier wrapped around the tree trunk and an adhesive film over the fiber that traps insects.

Fatal Funnel

Fatal Funnels combine with 2-liter bottles and pesticide-free attractants to catch wasps, hornets, flies and mice in a safe and eco-friendly way.

Great Oak

DeerPro winter animal repellent deters deer with thiram as the active ingredient. One application in the fall will provide protection all winter long.

Howard Johnson’s

Offers Mallet insecticide in granular and combination formulations, as well as bifenthrin, imidacloprid and permethrin products.

Insect Control Systems

Misting systems can repel and eliminate all types of insect pests with three 20-second bursts a day. Made with pump, motor and activating mechanism.


Mole Pop’rs pellets are made of nontoxic, all-natural ingredients and repel moles, voles, gophers, rabbits, armadillos and ground squirrels.


Proscape 15-2-5 with 40 percent MESA and .2 percent Merit combines fertilizer and insecticide to control subsurface insects, including all varieties of grubs.

Liquid Fence

Offers a variety of all-natural animal and insect repellents in totes from 1 to 260 gallons. Repel moles, geese, deer, rabbits and more.


Tankless mosquito misting systems spray a superfine mist of diluted insecticide or repellent through atomizing nozzles connected by high-pressure tubing.

Natural Forces

ReJex-It bird repellents, Migrate and Fog Force, control nuisance birds without harming them or the environment or being offensive to the public.

Preferred Products

Organic and biodegradable, Chase Mole and Gopher Repellent drives moles out of treated areas and is available in liquid and granular formulations.

Repellex USA

Repellex manufactures effective, environmentally friendly wildlife repellents that deter deer, rabbits, moles, voles, gophers and more.


Enforce 75WSP contains imidacloprid and controls white grubs, mole crickets, billbug larvae, annual bluegrass weevils, cutworms and chinch bugs.

Spectrum Technologies

The IPM Scope digital camera aids in identifying and tracking plant pests. An LED light illuminates samples, and photos can be edited and enhanced.


Meridian 25WG is a water-dispersible granule that manages a variety of grubs and insects, has a wide application window and metabolizes slowly in turfgrass.

Tech Terra Organics

Essential 1 PHE contains botanical extracts and essential oils to suppress pest pressure and fermented sucrose to boost plant metabolism and defenses.


The Flies Be Gone Fly Trap safely traps up to 20,000 flies without pesticides or poisons and provides protection for up to 30 days.


Products include Arena, DiPel PRO DF, Safari and Tame insecticides; Distance fire ant bait; Distance insect growth regulator; and TetraSan miticide.


The V484 Bugkil is made of noncorrosive stainless steel with a zinc-plated hanging loop, zaps up to 5,000 bugs per minute and covers up to 1.5 acres.

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