It’s more important than ever to monitor water during your day-to-day routines. With new water restrictions popping up daily, you need to find innovative ways to use this resource wisely.

Now is the time to look for ways to upgrade your clients’ irrigation equipment and make these systems more efficient with new sprinkler heads, filters, pumps, hose reels or a remote monitoring system. You may even be looking to install a completely new system at one of your properties.

For more information on any of these products, circle the reader service number on the card and pop it in the mail. In a few weeks, you’ll get the information you need to get your clients’ turf as green as it can be.


Ecologel Solutions

Hydretain is a liquid application that attracts subsurface water vapor and converts it into plant-usable water droplets, reducing water requirements by up to 50 percent.

Hingle’s Boss

Hingle’s Boss is a manufacturer of irrigation remote connectors for Rain Master Promax and TRC universal remotes. Bulk orders are available.


The Watermark Multiple Hydrozone System works with existing controllers to eliminate unnecessary watering cycles when soil moisture levels are adequate.


Automatic, self-cleaning, line pressure-powered filters efficiently remove sand, algae, pollen, silt, leaves and more to micron size. Handle flows up to 12,000 GPM.


AFT trenchers can trench from 1 to 12 inches wide and as deep as 63 inches. They offer both chain and wheel options and a conveyor cleanup system.

Turf Teq

Self-propelled, walk-behind trenchers can trench up to 7 inches deep and up to 5 inches wide. They feature a 13 hp Honda engine and hydrostatic transmission.


American Hydro Systems

Rid O’ Rust is an environmentally friendly formula designed to prevent rust stains caused by well water irrigation. Dispensed automatically through a feeder system.

Aqua Control

The display aerator and fountain design brings water into the pump from several feet below the water surface. With control panel and over 30 spray pattern options.

Armada Technologies

The Pro800 wire and valve locator features a rechargeable battery, AC noise filtration, wireless capability and null or peak reception modes.


The NanoCourier transmitter is available with spread spectrum or satellite telemetry. The data can be transmitted to a computer or be made available via the Internet.

Baker Water Systems

Monitor Booster Stations are an economical solution for water pressure boosting, with no need for a pump house, requiring fewer materials and resources.

Banjo Corp.

Micro poly ball valves come in .25 and 3/8-inch sizes. They are made from fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene with a maximum pressure rating of 150 PSI.

Campbell Scientific

The ET107 automated weather station is ideal for irrigation scheduling. Data can be used to calculate potential evapotranspiration and provide a baseline for water loss.

CDS-John Blue

Offers a complete line of irrigation pumps with a wide range of application rates and power sources. Made from 316 stainless steel and polypropylene.


The Certa-Set portable solid-set irrigation system includes components made from a special PVC formulation designed to withstand exposure to sunlight.


The TH300 Big Stick portable soil moisture probe works well in a variety of soils. Soil water content can be measured, stored in memory and later output to a PC.

ET Water Systems

The HermitCrab plugs into the remote port on most conventional controllers. Via the wireless modem, the controller receives a weather-adjusted schedule.


Offers a wide selection of small to medium-sized pumps in its lightweight utility pump line. They can be used in portable or permanent installations.

Hunter Industries

Wireless Solar Sync monitors local weather conditions to adjust irrigation run times. Features include rain and freeze shutoff.

Kern Turf Supply

KTS Cool Mist fans feature three-speed motors, OSHA-approved blade guards, 12 to 48-inch fan blades and wall-mount, freestanding or self-contained models.

KID Group

Micro Rain traveling sprinkler systems provide automated, portable irrigation for various applications and are available in seven models.


Aguamiser II irrigation controllers/moisture sensors are available in wired and wireless models, with accurate, research-grade sensors.


Manufactures low-volume irrigation products. Techline CV flexible dripper line is made from recycled materials and contributes to LEED credits.

Rain Bird

XFS Subsurface Dripline is buried underground and uses Copper Shield technology to protect emitters from root intrusion without using chemically treated filters.

Spectrum Technologies

The WatchDog 1000 Series soil moisture station allows users to monitor, compare and evaluate soil moisture at multiple levels in the rootzone with a single logger.

Star Sight Innovations

Mammoth Grip Sprinkler Spacers stabilize sprinklers and space heads a standard distance from a sidewalk. The spray pattern can be tested before backfilling.


The Sapien dedicated two-wire controller operates up to 63 stations and can be used in new systems, multiwire conversions or expansions.

Zurn Wilkins

The 375 Series reduced pressure principle backflow preventer has a replaceable, reusable pressure vessel made of composite materials that resist corrosion.

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