I Am Legend

Legend WDG turf and ornamental fungicide from Cleary Chemical represents a 6-pound-per-gallon Chlorothalonil product with Cleary’s Rainkote formulation technology, and is part of the company’s new Legacy Line of branded post patent products. Legend has an easy-mixing, water-based suspension and is labeled for diseases such as dollar spot, brown patch, brown ring or Waitea patch, basal rot anthracnose and snow molds.

Get Rid of Fire Ants in Minutes

FMC Professional Solutions has launched Talstar XTRA granular insecticide to eliminate fire ants in a matter of minutes. Combining the molecule in Talstar with the fast-acting zeta-cypermethrin, the product features an optimized formulation that quickly disrupts the insect’s nervous system. Available in 25-pound bags, the product can be broadcast across almost 11,000 square feet (.25-acre), or more than 70 fire ant mounds per bag.