New Products


Eliminate Weeds Before They Grow

Quali-Pro’s Isoxaben 75WG preemergent herbicide offers up to eight months of control of over 95 broadleaf weeds with a single application. It stops weeds at germination, before they grow, and can be used on warm and cool-season grasses, as well as hundreds of ornamentals. Isoxaben can be tank-mixed with labeled fungicides, herbicides and insecticides.

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Protect Your Turf

United Turf Alliance has expanded its ArmorTech product line with ArmorTech MYCLO 20 EW Fungicide. It relies on the systemic activity of myclobutanil to deliver preventive and curative disease control to turfgrass and landscape ornamentals, as well as greenhouse and nursery ornamentals. It is effective against more than 20 diseases, including anthracnose, brown patch, summer patch, snow mold, dollar spot and more.

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The Perfect Blend

The Biotic Product Line from Perfect Blend Organics are fertilizers that are sterilized, nutrient balanced, homogenized, pH balanced and altered on a molecular level to create a highly water soluble carbon-linked nutrient.

BioticGypsum features nutrients that are chemically bonded to a highly efficient calcium source, resulting in a unique agglomerated granule product. It marries the topsoil carbon sequestration benefits of Biotics with benefits of gypsum.

BioticCalcium helps a grower deliver an effective compound product that the soil microbes in charge of natural fertility find highly attractive as it combines focused nutrients along with highly absorbable calcium.

Biotic Tea Bag 4-4-2 and 8-4-2 are designed to create a high-quality organic-based nutritional tea that can be directly applied over established turfgrass areas, as well as on top of ornamentals and annuals. Biotic Tea Bags biologically accelerate the soil microbes for faster plant growth during establishment and aide in recovery due to injury from weather, disease or other stressors.

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Talstar with New Technology

Talstar EZ Granular insecticide is now available with Verge granular technology, which yields a more uniform distribution of the granules during application, among other benefits. From FMC Professional Solutions, Talstar EZ with Verge is labeled for use on lawns, in landscapes and in perimeters around residential, institutional, public, commercial and industrial buildings, parks, recreational areas and athletic fields. It can be used as a perimeter, broadcast or mound treatment to control problematic surface-feeding pests, such as ants, billbugs, chinch bugs, fleas and ticks.

Verge is a clay-based granule that breaks down quickly to release the active ingredient where and when it’s needed. Verge granular technology comes from Oil-Dri, Corp.

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All-Terrain Turf Sprayer

The ATT 150 All-Terrain Tric from Mid-Atlantic Services has tricycle steering, which keeps load off the ATV tow vehicle, and features a 150-gallon low-profile poly tank with high-flotation 31-by-13.5 terra rib tires. The Jon Blue ground metering pump system provides a dependable, accurate system for application of chemicals and fertilizer. The system is accurate regardless of ground speed and requires no electronics to work.

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