Precision Spraying from Toro

Toro’s Multi Pro 5800 turf sprayer features a six-diaphragm pump, which produces twice the volume to achieve the full spectrum of spray rates and simultaneous aggressive agitation for a homogeneous mixing of tank contents. The new Pro Control XP console delivers instantaneous rate response to ensure the correct rate is applied from start to stop, and the Cleanload Eductor lets operators safely load the tank without first mixing a slurry. Also, the unit has an automated Fresh Water Rinse System for on-the-fly triple rinse. Accessories available include the Drift Reduction Boom Shroud, which attaches to the standard boom, and the Ultra Sonic Boom Leveling System, which automatically adjusts the booms to the correct spraying height in undulating turf conditions.

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Ramp Up Microbial Activity

Growth Products is expanding its product line to include BioNutrients 8-0-9, an organic biostimulant and soil conditioner. It is a dry concentrate that is fully soluble in water, and is available in easy-to-use 8-ounce packs. It contains three species of rhizosphere bacillus (B. subtilis, B. megaterium and B. licheniformis) along with wild cultures of yeast and the “extras” that allow these beneficial microbes to successfully colonize in the soil.

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Keep Your Fertilizer Undercover

Jump Start Lawncare’s See-Thru Slide-On fertilizer spreader cover has a durable hard cover that keeps fertilizer dry, and stays on the spreader even when you fill it. The cover, all one piece and made out of Lexan, can easily be wiped dry.

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