New Products


Large Sprayer for Large Jobs

H.D. Hudson’s Ortho Pro Bak-Pak Sprayer is ideal for large lawns, greenhouses and more. It features a no-leak, uni-body tank design, braided power sprayer-style hose and 18-inch poly spray wand. The unit offers two nozzle patterns, flat fan or cone, and has a filler filter to keep out debris. Comfort features included padded straps and contoured tank design.

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Shake It Up

The Liquid Fence Company’s Deer & Rabbit Repellent now comes in an easy-to-apply granular formula. The biodegradable repellent can be used on and around flower beds, vegetable gardens, ground cover and lawns, and is also safe to use on edible crops. Formed from fossils, the diatomaceous earth-based formula can enhance air circulation around plant roots, and doesn’t require rotation with other repellent brands to remain effective. Available in ready-to-use 5 and 2-pound shaker bottles, covering approximately 500 square feet per pound.

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Guillotine Gets Rid of Grubs

ArmorTech Guillotine provides preventive and curative control of both grubs and surface-feeding insects. This water-dispersible granular formulation is the latest addition to the United Turf Alliance selection of turf and ornamental protection products, and is effective against most grub species, as well as ants, billbugs, annual bluegrass weevils, armyworms, cutworms and southern chinch bugs, including those resistant to synthetic pyrethoid insecticides.

It is also labeled for use on ornamentals, interior plantscapes and nonbearing fruit trees in a landscape environment.

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Easy Edging

SePRO Corporation’s Edgeless turf growth regulator has been approved by the U.S. EPA for edging and banding applications to commercial, industrial and residential turfgrass. Edgeless contains patented turf growth regulator technology to control turf growth on cool and warm-season turfgrasses. It can be applied to reduce the frequency of string trimming along fence lines, trees, posts and poles, mailboxes and gravestones. It can also be used to reduce the need for edging along the perimeter of lawns, landscape beds, curbs, parking lots and driveways.

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