New Products


Talus Updated

SePRO Corporation’s Talus 70DF is a new formulation of Talus Insect Growth Regulator and is effective against the nymph stages of whitefly, scale, psylla, mealybugs, planthoppers and leafhoppers and is registered for use on landscape ornamentals, nurseries, ground covers and more.

Talus 70DF incorporates dry flowable formulation technology leading to a longer shelf life and less visible residue when sprayed on target crops. It is packaged in 3-pound containers and has received EPA registration (state registrations are still awaiting approval).

Quickly Dispense Granular Products

The Ultra-Dispenser from UltraTech stores and dispenses absorbents and other granular products, and can be rolled to spills, with no need to carry bulky and heavy bags. The dispenser is made from heavy-duty steel and holds up to 50 pounds. A sloped interior keeps weight over wheels for better handling and channels contents to dispensing gate. Solid rubber wheels provide smooth transporting, and an easy-operation dispensing gate eliminates waste of contents. A quart-sized application cup is included.

In Total Control

AzaGuard EC Botanical Insecticide/Nematicide from BioSafe Systems is a 3 percent Azadirachtin-formulated insect growth regulator (IGR) offering broad-spectrum control on over 300 insect species. The product works to prevent molting between larval, pupal and nymphal states while also repelling insects on treated crops, resulting in less insect damage to plants. AzaGurad is derived from the extract of Neem and can be safely combined with the BioSafe Systems activated peroxide line of algaecides, fungicides and bactericides for a systems approach for total IPM disease control. Available in 32-ounce Tip N’ Pour containers and 1-gallon size.

Green Up Your Turf

UFLEXX delivers nitrogen fertilizer that is not dependent on soil moisture or temperature. From Northeast Agricultural Sales, Inc., it is a stabilized nitrogen fertilizer that provides consistent nitrogen feeding for up to six to eight weeks. It is specifically intended for turf uses where repeat application is desired, and is formulated with lower concentrations of two proprietary inhibitors that minimize urea nitrogen loss through volitization, leaching and denitrification. It also includes an inhibitor that blocks urease to help minimize nitrogen loss to the atmosphere, allowing time for rainfall and irrigation to effectively transport nitrogen to the rootzone.