Considered one of the most important pieces ofequipment in the lawn maintenance industry, ridingmowers are a part of just about every company’sequipment arsenal. Check out the latest models here,along with attachments that can turn your ridingmower into a total lawn care system.

BigDog Mowers

•    Engine: 21 or 26 hp B&S; 22 or 24 hp Kohler
•    Trans.: Hydro-Gear ZT-3100
•    Cut Width: 48 or 54 inches
•    Feature: Large 20-inch drive tires

Cub Cadet Commercial

TANK S 6031 LP
•    Engine: 852cc Kawasaki
•    Trans.: Hydro-Gear PK-12 pumps, Parker wheel motors
•    Cut Width: 60 inches
•    Feature: Liquid propane for reduced emissions

Dixie Chopper

•    Engine: 27 hp B&S
•    Trans.: ZT-3400 transaxle
•    Cut Width: 50 or 60 inches
•    Feature: Mowing speeds up to 9 mph


IS 2500Z
•    Engine: 20 or 24 hp Yanmar diesel
•    Trans.: Hydro-Gear pumps and wheel motors
•    Cut Width: 52 or 61 inches
•    Feature: Four-wheel suspension system


226V MidMount
•    Engine: 26 hp Professional Series
•    Trans.: Parker pump and wheel motor system
•    Cut Width: 52 or 61 inches
•    Feature: Advanced Debris Management System


•    Engine: 27 hp, 724cc B&S
•    Trans.: Hydrostatic
•    Cut Width: 48 inches
•    Feature: Electric blade engagement

Hustler Turf Equip.

Hustler X-ONE
•    Engine: 24, 26 or 31 hp Kawasaki; 25 or 27 hp Kohler
•    Trans.: Dual hydrostatic
•    Cut Width: 48, 54 or 60 inches
•    Feature: Innovative VX4 deck technology

John Deere

1600 Series II Turbo Wide-Area Mower
•    Engine: 57 hp Yanmar
•    Trans.: Hydrostatic
•    Cut Width: 11 feet
•    Feature: Engine monitoring and diagnostic console

Land Pride

ZTi Commercial Series
•    Engine: 26 or 31 hp Kawasaki
•    Trans.: Dual hydrostatic
•    Cut Width: 60 or 72 inches
•    Feature: Tele-caster front suspension

Snapper Pro

•    Engine: 20 or 24 hp Yanmar diesel
•    Trans.: Pumps and wheel motors
•    Cut Width: 52 or 61 inches
•    Feature: iCD Cutting System deck


Ventrac 4131
•    Engine: 31 hp B&S
•    Trans.: Hydrostatic
•    Cut Width: 60 inches
•    Feature: MC600 rear-discharge deck

Wright Mfg.

Stander X
•    Engine: 24 or 26 hp Kawasaki FX
•    Trans.: Hydro-Gear pumps and wheel motors
•    Cut Width: 48, 52 or 61 inches
•    Feature: Adjust deck height on the fly

Country Clipper

•    Engine: 37 hp Kawasaki
•    Trans.: Dual Hydro-Gear pumps and wheel motors
•    Cut Width: 72 inches
•    Feature: Welded steel deck, Power Lift


•    Engine: 26 hp Kawasaki FR
•    Trans.: Hydrostatic
•    Cut Width: 54 inches
•    Feature: High-back seat with armrests


Lazer Z X-Series
•    Engine: 23 to 38 hp Kohler; 24 or 29 hp Kawasaki
•    Trans.: Pump and wheel motor system
•    Cut Width: 48, 52, 60 or 72 inches
•    Feature: Hydraulically dampened steering


•    Engine: 27 or 31 hp Kawasaki FX
•    Trans.: Twin hydrostatic drives
•    Cut Width: 54, 60 or 66 inches
•    Feature: High-Volume Tunnel Deck


Kubota ZD323
•    Engine: 23 hp Kubota
•    Trans.: Hydrostatic
•    Cut Width: 60 inches
•    Feature: 6.5-inch-deep deck design


4520 Articulator
•    Engine: 45 hp Kubota
•    Trans.: N/A
•    Cut Width: 120 inches
•    Feature: Five fully articulating rotary decks

Scag Power Equip.

•    Engine: 31 or 34 hp Kawasaki; 32 hp B&S
•    Trans.: Dual Hydro-Gear ZT-5400 transaxles
•    Cut Width: 61 or 72 inches
•    Feature: Operator Suspension System


Z Master G3 74953
•    Engine: 24 hp Kawasaki
•    Trans.: Hydraulic
•    Cut Width: 52 inches
•    Feature: TURBO FORCE cutting deck


Super Time Saver
•    Engine: 28 hp Kawasaki
•    Trans.: Hydraulic
•    Cut Width: 64 or 74 inches
•    Feature: 1.25-inch blade spindles

Accelerator Industries

Manufactures premium aluminum grass catchers in a range of sizes, with capacities up to 11 cubic feet. Also offers dust covers and leaf extenders for extra debris.

EarthWay Products

The M40ECM has a 3,350-cubic-inch, rustproof hopper with 175-pound load-bearing capacity, vertical or horizontal integral mount system and 12-volt motor.


The EZ Dump XL collection system has a high-volume side panel air induction system that reduces clogging. The rugged impeller generates 2,200 CFM.


The Tine Rake Dethatcher with flexible tines comes in 36, 46 and 60-inch widths. It removes embedded thatch and leaves and combs up matted turfgrass while mowing.

Kunz Engineering

AcrEase wing mowers feature a fully floating, low-profile, 60-inch deck. Powered by 18 to 23 hp engines, they can be pulled singly or in tandem, behind or to the side.

Palmor Products

The 520C Trac Vac has a 5.5 hp engine and a fabric cover that assures long life. It expands collection capacity to 20 cubic feet.

Power Chute Design

The Power Chute is a powered, exact-fit discharge chute that can be run fully open to fully closed and can be stopped at any angle in between for operation.


The EZTFM133 shielded sprayer with PLSS220 spreader features a 30-gallon tank, breakaway wings, flow indicators and separate on/off valves for each wing.


The Blade Blocker discharge baffle is made of .5-inch thick HDPE and can be set from an almost fully closed position to fully open, or anywhere in between.

W.E. Chapps

The Deluxe Rider/Z Cover secures around the mower with strong elastic. The waterproof, tear-resistant outer cover comes with no liner, cotton liner or heat liner.


The Pro-Turn 200 X-Treme Flo bagger features a 12-bushel capacity and heavy-duty blower. Fits all Gravely Pro-Turn 200 Series models with X-Factor decks.

Gravely Turf

The Accuaire FlexWing core aerator is available in 65 and 89-inch working widths, with a solid frame and extra-wide racks for additional weight.

Humboldt Specialty Mfg.

The three-bag, 12-bushel grass catcher features an all-steel, spindle-driven blower and attaches/detaches in minutes. Available for most mower brands.


Gang reel mowers cut up to 5 acres per hour and have reels that flex so there is no scalping. The unit folds up for storage and uses 80 percent less fuel.


The TLP060 Leaf Pusher is an accessory to the Thatch, Groom ‘N’ Sweep package. Maximize mower capabilities while minimizing the amount of equipment.


The ZRATOR is a steerable, front-mount core plug aerator designed to allow aeration in all directions without raising the tines. No additional weights needed.

York Rakes

The TA1 and TA2 rakes offer optional grader blade assemblies. The rake/blade can be angled to discharge material to the left or right. In 4, 5 and 6-foot widths.