Sod Equipment and Sod Producers


Featured Sod Equipment

RD Murphy

Specializes in big roll paper sod tubes for the turf industry. Made from 100 percent recycled cardboard paper, the tubes can be cut to any desired length.

Sprigger’s Choice

The SprigMaster II Sod to Sprigs planter comes in 48 and 52-inch models and converts sod to sprigs, processing slabs, mini rolls and large rolls.


The Trilo BRL 120 sod installer allows operators to ride with the seat positioned over the seam for good visibility. It can lay sod rolls up to 48 inches wide.


Manufactures automated sod harvesting equipment, including the AutoStack, HarveStack, Quadlift, AutoSlab and the SC 2010 in both slab and roll versions.

Sod Equipment


The AMS Turf Probe collects a .5-by-7-inch soil sample, minimizing damage to turf. The one-piece probe is made of nickel-plated carbon steel.

Brouwer Turf

The RoboMax JD sod harvester with robotic stacking system can produce 1,600 square yards of 24-inch or 16-inch rolls of sod per hour with a single operator.


The Sod Roll Layer is designed for installing large sod rolls using the Forkster 2508 lifting chassis. It handles rolls from 24 to 48 inches and up to 2,000 pounds.

Grass Stitcher

The Grass Stitcher quickly and easily repairs bare spots in turf, working right through dead grass. It creates ideal perforations for seed growth and is ergonomic.

Quail Mfg. of Minnesota

Quail manual kick-type sod cutters provide quick and easy removal of sod. They cut a uniform width and depth for easy sod replacement.

Tygar Mfg.

The SC2000 Sabertooth sod cutter cuts up to 150 feet per minute, has a variable depth setting and is throttle-controlled. Powered by a 5.5 hp Honda engine.

Sod Producers

Environmental Turf

UltimateFlora zoysiagrass has low water and fertilizer requirements. It has a soft, medium leaf blade and can be mowed with a rotary mower.

King Ranch Turfgrass

Grower of certified proprietary grasses, including MiniVerde, TifEagle, custom-grown bentgrass blends, Celebration, Palisade Zoysia, TifSport and more.

Oakland Plantation

Meeting turf needs for over 38 years with TifSport, Tifway 419, GN-1, Celebration, Empire Zoysia, TifBlair Centipede, Raleigh St. Augustine and more.

Patten Seed

Zenith zoysiagrass has low maintenance and nutrient requirements and is also drought-tolerant. It can be used in a wide geographical area and for many applications.

Pike Creek Turf

Produces Centipede, Meyer Zoysia, Georgia Certified Tifway, TifSport, TifEagle, MiniVerde, Celebration, Zorro Zoysia, SeaDwarf, Platinum and more.

Sod Solutions

Celebration bermudagrass has a high tolerance for shade, wear and drought and recovers well from divot injury.

Tuckahoe Turf Farms

Tuckahoe Turf Blend contains Midnight Star, Brilliant and P105 Kentucky bluegrass. Tuckahoe Fescue contains Rebel Exeda, Rebel Sentry and bluegrass.

Turf Mountain Sod

Cool-season grasses include bentgrass, low-mow bluegrass and fescue/bluegrass mix.

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