Pretty much anything you apply to the soil to improve growing conditions can be thought of as an amendment. In this month’s product focus, you’ll find everything from micronutrients and biostimulants to organic fertilizers, polymer-based enhancers and wetting agents.

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Francis Resources

SuperSoil is a liquid aeration product consisting of 11 different polymers. It alleviates soil compaction and high pH by aggregating the soil and removing alkaline material. Environmentally friendly SuperSoil lasts for about a year, helps remove sodium from the rootzone and is safe for all plants.

Green Pro Solutions

Nature’s Pro Bio-AER is a liquid aeration and bio-recharge agent. It has complex organic compounds that flocculate the soil structure to produce 100 percent aeration, added moisture capacity and enhanced root growth. Benefits include improved soil properties and improved soil cation exchange capacity.

Jonathan Green

All-natural MAG-I-CAL can be used in place of up to five to 10 bags of lime. It works quickly and saves time while improving soil structure much faster than lime. Its easy-to-spread pellets contain a highly soluble form of calcium, which is readily available for plant uptake or soil pH adjustment.


AcidipHy is safe, slow-release granular acid technology. One application provides 10 times the neutralizing capacity as compared to typical liquid applications.

Complete Green Co.

Soil Drain/PAM conditions soil to impart pore space to aid in aeration, drainage and rooting. Works well in poorly drained, poorly structured soils.

Converted Organics

Products are derived from recycled food waste and other all-natural ingredients and include LC 1-1-1, Turf Blend 6-0-0 and Lawn & Turf 8-1-4.

EarthWorks Natural Organic Products

Soil-enhancing Renovate Plus is formulated with biologically active composts, plant-available minerals and zeolite for porosity and holding capacity.

Finn Corp.

HydroMax is a proprietary blend of compounds that enhances the early stages of plant development from germination to viable maturity.

Nature’s Wonder

APEX-10 increases total soil microbe population and activity, enhances nutrient availability and uptake, improves turf’s metabolic performance and builds strong roots.

Neptune’s Harvest

Crab Shell 2-3-0 Ca 23 is high in calcium and chitin, which helps with grubs, nematodes, fungus, ants and more by promoting the growth of chitin-eating bacteria.

PJC & Co.

TeraVita Humate Products increase buffering properties of soil, make soil more friable, increase natural aeration, enhance plant growth and provide food for microbes.

Soil Mender Products

Turf Mate 4-2-3 is poultry-based, with humate and molasses. It is a slow-release organic product that enhances root development and promotes thatch decomposition.

Sustane Natural Fertilizer

Bolster Granular 4-4-4+3Fe contains mycorrhizae, growth factors and plant biostimulants to promote rapid root development and superior growth.

Tiger-Sul Products

Tiger Micronutrients Turf Mixes improve nitrogen utilization and reduce nitrate leaching, as well as improve iron and manganese uptake for healthy turf.

The July issue of Turf will feature product focuses on Irrigation Products; Chippers, Chain Saws and Brush Cutters; and Disease and Weed Control Products.