Controlled-Release Fertilizer Now Available with Barricade & Dimension

Agrium Advanced Technologies (AAT) has added Spread it & Forget it Controlled-Release Fertilizer with Barricade Preemergent Herbicide and Spread it & Forget it Controlled-Release Fertilizer with Dimension Specialty Herbicide to its line of industry-leading slow- and controlled-release fertilizer technologies.

The move brings together three of the green industry’s pre-eminent product manufacturers, offering end users a single-application fertilizer solution impregnated with either Barricade Preemergent Herbicide or Dimension Specialty Herbicide, two leading preemergent crabgrass herbicide brands.

The partnerships with top green industry manufacturers like Syngenta and Dow AgroSciences and stems from AAT’s strategic business decision to find supporting preemergent herbicides whose product efficacy could match that of Spread it & Forget it.

The resulting new product-Spread it & Forget it with either Barricade or Dimension impregnated into the fertilizer granule-allows turf professionals to fertilize once up to every six months, while getting industry-leading preemergent crabgrass control. The level of efficiency also allows lawn care operators to perform extra tasks on-site, or to finish up on a job site and move to the next site more quickly.