Popularity of the Wright Stander Helps Takes Dealer to the Top

Major League Power Equipment, a dealership specializing in landscape, lawn and outdoor power equipment in East Setauket, N.Y., is one of the leading dealers in Wright Stander sales in the Northeast corridor for the second consecutive year.

Over the last three years, Wright Stander sales at Major League Power Equipment have more than doubled.

The Wright Stander was introduced in 1997 and was the first and only mower on the market at the time to feature the now familiar stand-on design. Artie D’Ambre, owner of Major League Power Equipment, was the first dealer on Long Island to offer the Stander. The Stander quickly became his best-selling model, and has been a major factor, along with the addition of other Wright models, in helping to drive Major League Power Equipment’s growth and success ever since.

Today, the dealership offers 15 Wright models, with the 36-inch Stander Rapid Height its best-selling model.

In addition to offering the full Wright lineup, the dealership stocks every single part of each Wright mower.