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Whether you’re looking for a hand-held unit to clean up a small job or you need a truck-mounted attachment for a large mess, you’re sure to find it here.

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The Sweep Master measures 40 by 78 inches and features eight individual brushes set in a double diamond pattern. The upper framework is 11-gauge steel with loosely bolted 3/8-inch angle crossmembers, allowing flex with the ground’s contour. Available with electric actuator and hydraulic cylinder lift.


The lawn sweeper features a 14-gauge welded housing, 17-cubic-foot hopper capacity, six 12-inch-diameter brushes and aluminum wheels with bar-type tread. Yellow dichromate hardware resists rust. The notched height adjustment can be changed from the tractor seat. Hitch pin included.


PTO-driven rotary brooms handle dirt, debris and slush and can clear up to 8 inches of snow. Available in 48 and 60-inch fixed-angle models, as well as a 60-inch, hydraulic, bidirectional model, the brooms can be adjusted from the operator’s seat. Available for all zero-turn FrontMount power units.


The 640 V-Broom Sweeper has quick-adjust wings that lock into various positions: 60-inch-wide straight, left or right-angled and V-shaped for clearing light snow. It has three rows of 8-inch polypropylene bristles and a manual lift with latch for transport. Attaches with two clevis pins.


Masco’s full line of vacuum parking lot sweepers includes the 2200, which slides into pickup trucks; the Econo 1600 sweeper; the 3-yard, high-performance 1600 model with stainless steel hopper; and the Diesel 5000 5-yard sweeper, also with a stainless steel hopper.


The Toro Rake-O-Vac sweeper features a 22 hp, air-cooled Kohler Command engine and a 5.75-cubic-yard hopper capacity. Its single-hitch design is highly maneuverable for cleanup in tight areas. A spring-loaded flex-tip reel sweeps the ground clear of debris even in damp conditions.

Turf Teq

The Power Broom, powered by a 13 hp Honda engine, offers a hydrostatic transmission and differential lock. Brush pressure, brush speed and pivot angle (left/right) can all be adjusted easily from the operator position. It can be used to sweep debris, remove snow or dethatch lawns.

Venture Products

The Ventrac HB580 Power Broom has a working width of 58 inches and a self-leveling feature to keep it horizontal at all times. It can be hydraulically angled left or right and lifted up or down with the S.D.L.A. control. The nylon bristle broom cores can be changed in a few minutes.


The Walker rotary broom has a 47-inch sweeping path and five-position angle head for dethatching and raking lawns and sweeping debris and light snow.


The RS 501 vacuum sweeper features ultra-responsive rear steering to cut around tight corners and curbs and over sidewalks.


The EDGE Angle Broom comes in widths from 60 to 96 inches, with a 32-inch brush diameter, 120-degree brush hood and single or dual-motor direct drive.


The ProSweep cleans a 22-inch swath with .028-inch-diameter concave nylon bristles that minimize windrowing. Sweeps concrete, lawn and soil.


Offers a sweeper that functions as a manual or electric unit with fingertip operation, dust control seals, space-saving design and three-brush system.

Kanlan Attachments

The Kubota RTV sweeper uses the RTV’s onboard hydraulics to power, move and lift the attachment for light winter snow removal to heavy spring cleanup.

MacLean Engineering

The hydraulically powered broom attachment for the MacLean MV is 60 inches wide and angles up to 30 degrees left or right.

MB Companies

The SHL-CT broom comes in 4, 5, 6 and 7-foot widths, with a 25-inch-diameter brush, parallel arm swing system and 155-degree brush hood.


The PB3410 PowerBroom clears a 23-inch swath with 12-fin rubber paddles and is powered by a high-torque, 34cc, four-cycle engine.


Groom ‘N’ Sweep broom attachments are designed to mount on utility vehicles, tractors and other service vehicles to remove debris and groom turf.


The YBWB3 broom is powered by a 5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine, with a 3-foot-wide, 24-inch-diameter brush. Can be angled 15 or 30 degrees left or right.