Whether hand-held or pulled/pushed by a tractor, tillers are definitely worth their weight. They can coax grass and plants out of hard, compacted clay and can help grow vegetation in even the most uninhabitable soil.

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Featured Tillers

Cub Cadet

The RT65 is powered by a 190cc Honda engine and has an 18-inch tilling width, 13-inch dual-directional tines, adjustable depth bar and 16-inch pneumatic wheels.


The DRT900LS features a 19-inch cultivating width, 6.5-inch depth, heavy tread tires, forward and reverse gears, and dual-rotating tines for deep tilling.



The front-mount, 50-inch tiller for ATVs features a 9 hp motor, a 2-inch wide frame that adjusts in length from 67 to 105 inches, 28 tines and universal mount.


The EDGE Roto Tiller offers bidirectional shaft rotation, direct-drive hydraulic motor, replaceable tines that cut up to 6 inches deep and offset mount.


RT series rotary tillers have a patented roll-out depth control and high-torque, direct-drive motor. Available in low and high-flow models from 52 to 73 inches.


The TC-210 features a 21.2cc Power Boost Vortex engine, electronic ignition, purge pump carburetor, water-resistant stop switch and four 10-tooth tines.


The FC600 with 163cc engine offers a one-touch transport wheel, three-position handle adjustment, reinforced handlebar and multifunctional front guard.

Land Pride

The RTR20 Series comes in 64 and 72-inch cutting widths, with offset adjustable up to 18 inches, 17-inch rotor swing diameter and adjustable skid shoes.


The Mid-Tine Merry Tiller features engine weight directly over the tines and heavy-duty transmission. The rear-tine model has two tilling speeds with reverse and transport.


The CT2510 with 24.5cc hybrid engine weighs 28.4 pounds and has a vibration-reducing grip, padded lift handle, two-stage air filter and 250 RPM tine speed.


The STECAVATOR is a reverse rotation tiller that comes in a variety of sizes and in both a standard and heavy-duty range. It creates a seedbed in one pass.

Turf Teq

The 1305PR Power Rake features a 13 hp Honda engine, fully hydrostatic forward/reverse transmission, differential lock and 36-inch-wide drum that can be angled.


The KL480 front-end attachment has skid shoe adjustments that facilitate cutting depth, and 24 carbon tines are sequentially spaced to maximize the cutting force.

Weed Badger

Manufactures precision in-row tillers for safe, economical weed control. Add interchangeable, optional tools and attachments to mow, prepare seedbeds and more.