Tillers are definitely worth their weight, as they are ideal tools for initial ground breaking of soil for flowerbeds and more. Whether hand-held or pulled/pushed by a tractor, this equipment helps provide a loose soil that drains well and breaks up materials, allowing for better root growth in even the most uninhabitable soil.


The six-tine tiller features 13-inch-wide self-sharpening tines and a Honda GX-25 engine. Safety features include a removable blade cover with side skirts and an interlock trigger.

BCS America

BCS rear-tine tillers are all-gear driven, feature and automotive-style clutch and are available in a wide range of models with 18- to 33-inch tilling widths.

Bercomac Limitee

The 30-inch-wide rear-mount tiller slices through any type of soil with ease and offsets to the right to cover tire tracks. Tills up to 6 inches deep and universal mount fits tractor models from 15 to 28 hp.

Kuhns Power Equipment

The Power Dog 209 features hydro drive, variable speed on the go, instant forward and reverse and dual rotating tines. Unit is user-friendly and easy to operate.

Land Pride

Land Pride’s RTR20 Series Reverse-Till Rotary Tiller is available in 64- or 72-inch cutting width and features a 17-inch rotor swing diameter, adjustable skid shoes and category 1 hitch.


The Mantis Tiller/Cultivator is available in a gas-powered, electric or XP model, and features a cutting depth of 10 inches, and 9-inch tine width.

Masport/Seago International

The Masport Home Gardener is a shaft-driven tiller with several options. Powered by a 148cc Briggs and Stratton engine, it comes with an edger blade, aerator attachment and scrubbing brush.

W.E. Chapps

The Trim Bag fits on the handlebars of garden tillers, and provides a place to put trash and debris. It measures 10 inches wide by 12 inches long and stays open for easy access.


Woods’ line of rotary tillers feature steel tines that can till 7 inches into the toughest ground and the heavy-duty rear tailgate evenly distributes dirt, leaving a smooth, flat seedbed.