No matter how green the grass or how clean the cut, without crisp edges and lines, you’re only half done. A project isn’t complete until you’ve attended to every last bit of turf. Trimmers and edgers are the finishing touch to any professional landscape or turf maintenance job.

The manufacturers here know you need solid and versatile tools to produce a top-notch job. There’s even a section for companies who offer accessories specific to trimmers and edgers. To receive information on any of the products listed here, just fill out the free reader service card and drop it in the mail. In a few weeks, you’ll receive all the information you need.

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MS-260 C
• Engine: 25.6cc Mitsubishi
• Cutting diameter: 17 inches
• Feature: Offers an easy-starting, emission-compliant, heavy-duty engine; effective vibration-dampening system for reduced operator fatigue; superior power-to-weight design; and cushioned operator grips.


• Engine: Strato-Charged
• Cutting diameter: 18 inches
• Feature: Equipped with the MaxClean air filtration system, MaxComfort control grips, MaxSpeed Loader twist-and-load trimmer head and a heavy-duty, four-bearing, extended-life gear case for durability.

Seago Intl.

Trim-A-Lawn Wheel Trimmer
• Engine: 2 hp Tecumseh
• Cutting diameter: 15 inches
• Feature: The unit can be used as a trimmer, mower or brush cutter. It is lightweight and portable, with large rear wheels and a folding handle for easy storage. Several height-of-cut settings allow for precise mowing.

Tilton Equipment

Jonsered GC 2236
• Engine: 2.2 DIN hp, 34.5cc
• Cutting diameter: 18.5 inches
• Feature: Clean Power engine technology provides lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions. The trimmer has an ESP (Easy Slow Pull) spring-assisted starter and dual-strap harness with hip pad.


String Trimmer Attachment
• Engine: Requires 3 hydraulic hp
• Cutting diameter: 20 inches
• Feature: Flow control valve controls speed of trimmer head. Fits riding mowers.


• Engine: 25.4cc Power Boost Vortex
• Cutting diameter: 17 inches
• Feature: Engine vibration reduction systems and 16.9-fluid-ounce fuel tank.


DS 2600
• Engine: 1.1 hp, 25cc
• Cutting diameter: 15 inches
• Feature: Burn Right technology for 80 percent reduction in harmful emissions.


• Engine: 35.8cc Honda GX35
• Cutting diameter: 17 inches
• Feature: Quiet Line head standard. Accommodates 9 or 10-inch blades.


• Engine: 1.2 hp, 25cc
• Cutting diameter: 17 inches
• Feature: E-Tech II engine reduces emissions. LowVib anti-vibration system.


• Engine: 34.4cc Kawasaki TJ35E
• Cutting diameter: 17.3 inches
• Feature: Hollow steel driveshaft. Variable-position loop handle.

Little Wonder

• Engine: 21.2cc
• Cutting diameter: Cuts 1-inch-thick material
• Feature: High-carbon steel blades. Rubber mounts to reduce vibration.


Line Trimmer
• Engine: 850-watt electric motor
• Cutting diameter: 16.25 inches
• Feature: E-System attachment; 12-inch steel trimmer shield with line cutter.


• Engine: 1.4 hp, 28.9cc
• Cutting diameter: 17 to 18 inches
• Feature: Ergonomically designed, softer loop handle with 8-degree angle.


• Engine: 1.2 hp, 29cc Solo
• Cutting diameter: 15 inches
• Feature: Solo’s Blue2 technology provides low emissions.


FS 110 R
• Engine: 1.4 bhp, 31.4cc
• Cutting diameter: 18 inches
• Feature: TapAction AUTOCUT head, low-emission engine, lower vibration.


Windmill L4320K
• Engine: 43.2cc Kawasaki
• Cutting diameter: 22 inches
• Feature: Safety harness, throttle lock and loop handle with safety bar.


E-Z Trench

Edge Artist
• Engine: 5.5 hp Honda GX160
• Cutting depth: Up to 4 inches
• Feature: The carbide-tipped Bedscaper blade easily cuts through hard soils. It features a durable centrifugal clutch, adjustable cutting depth, semipneumatic rubber tires and a folding handle for compact storage.


• Engine: Mower attachment
• Cutting depth: Up to 2.5 inches
• Feature: Available with an electric actuator that increases downward pressure in tough conditions and easily raises the disc. It mounts in place of the mower deck’s standard discharge shield.


• Engine: 4 hp Honda OHV
• Cutting depth: N/A
• Feature: Quickly converts to a trimmer that trims flat at any height. It offers single-lever control, easy fingertip angle adjustment, 7-inch wheels, semienclosed blade guard and four-wheel design.


• Engine: Strato-Charged
• Cutting depth: 2 inches
• Feature: Offers a straight shaft; solid steel driveshaft; high-torque gear case with steel guard; clog-resistant, die-cast aluminum guard; and extra-large guide wheel with a clog-resistant, solid rubber tread.

Seago Intl.

Atom Professional Edger
• Engine: 34cc RedMax, 35cc Honda
• Cutting depth: Up to 3.5 inches
• Feature: The shaft-driven unit has crossover blades for speed. It offers a fully enclosed guard, debris deflector, centrifugal safety clutch, large rubber wheel with axle seals, sight guide and safety throttle interlock.

Turf Teq

1305 Power Edger
• Engine: 13 hp Honda
• Cutting depth: 5 inches
• Feature: The self-propelled edger comes standard with an opening blade to create new landscaping beds or redefine existing beds. A variety of trenching blades is available. Fully hydrostatic transmission.

Brown Products

R450HA Redefiner
• Engine: 5.5 hp, 160cc Honda GX160
• Cutting depth: Up to 4 inches
• Feature: Redefines and re-edges existing beds. Lightweight and maneuverable.


• Engine: 28.1cc Power Boost Vortex
• Cutting depth: Up to 2 inches
• Feature: Rubber left and right handle grips. Replaceable, six-finger metal blade.


Edge Styler
• Engine: 4 hp Honda
• Cutting depth: From 2 to 8 inches
• Feature: Front-wheel drive, five different blade options, ergonomic design.


• Engine: 1.2 hp E-Tech II
• Cutting depth: 2.5 inches
• Feature: LowVib, large guide wheel to adjust depth, adjustable front handle.


• Engine: 26.3cc Kawasaki TJ27E
• Cutting depth: 2 inches
• Feature: One-touch depth adjustment, steel inner core composite guard design.

Little Wonder

• Engine: 11 hp B&S; 13 hp Kawasaki, Honda
• Cutting depth: .5 to 4.5 inches
• Feature: Cuts up to 100 feet per minute. Hydrostatic transmission with tow valve.

Power Trim

• Engine: 4 hp Honda GX
• Cutting depth: 10-inch blade
• Feature: All-steel base plate and steel wheels with solid rubber tires.


• Engine: 1.3 hp, 24.1cc
• Cutting depth: 3 to 4 inches
• Feature: Heavy-duty gear case with helical gears; adjustable front handle.


FC 110
• Engine: 1.4 bhp, 31.4cc
• Cutting depth: 5 mm
• Feature: Low-emission engine, Line of Sight marking, solid driveshaft design.


Edge-R-Rite II
• Engine: 4 hp Honda
• Cutting depth: 1 to 4 inches
• Feature: Oscillating blade action cuts like a sod cutter. Five optional blades.



The TL-01 trimmer line holder is designed to hold commercial-size spools. It keeps the line covered, protecting it from UV rays and preventing tangling when unspooling. It comes with a cutter attached to the lid, with no exposed blades. Can be attached to an enclosed trailer wall.

W.E. Chapps

Deluxe Strap Chapps protect the front and sides of the leg, from the knee down to and including the top of the foot. Designed to keep thrown objects from getting inside shoes. The patented height system allows the Chapps to easily adjust to different leg lengths. Includes 14-inch-long foam pads.


Flail-Master offers a full line of safety equipment, trimmer line and trimmer accessories.

Jungle Jim’s

The Trailer Mate accommodates three trimmers, as well as other equipment and supplies. Divider rods ensure a tight fit and anti-theft cable locks items in place.

MDI Products

Hedge-Pro is an easy-to-use spray that cleans and lubricates hedge trimmer blades. Will not harm bushes or shrubs.


The Speed-Feed trimmer head allows operators to slide the desired amount of line through the head, grasp the easy-grip collar and wind the line in.

Park Tool

The dual-head trimmer repair stand is heavily chrome-plated and has cast-aluminum clamps with soft, durable jaw covers for a no-scratch grip.

Rack ‘Em

Trimmer racks will securely transport three trimmers and are available for both enclosed and open trailers. Also offers a hedge trimmer rack.

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