Turfgrass seed is the beginning of so many lawns, sod or grow-ins in so many areas. In this month’s product focus, you’ll find companies that offer the magic seeds to help turn your upcoming project into a sea of green.

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Arrow Seed Co.

Cody and Bowie turf-type buffalograss varieties have low water requirements, low vertical growth and are unaffected by common turf diseases.


Regenerating Perennial Ryegrass is a creeping perennial ryegrass that outperforms traditional perennial ryegrass and is more resilient and weather-tolerant.

DLF International Seeds

CY2 is a creeping bentgrass that shows excellent turf quality, winter color, heat tolerance and disease resistance. A dense variety that is easy to establish.

Grassland Oregon

Tall fescues include salt-tolerant Tanzania; warm-temperature, brown patch-resistant Patagonia; shade-tolerant Marrakech; and drought-tolerant Escalante.


Specializes in providing improved turf varieties for residential and commercial applications, with a wide range of stock mixes and custom mixing.

Smith Seed Services

Titan Ltd. tall fescue features deep, drought-resistant roots; built-in, pest-fighting endophytes; self-repairing rhizomes; and shorter canopy height for less mowing.