Sellick Expands S-Series

Sellick Equipment Limited has expanded the S Series forklift product line by adding a 16,000-pound capacity model. The S160-4 has full-time four-wheel drive and four equal-sized wheels. By steering both axles, the unit has a tight turning radius of 150 degrees. It is powered by the Dieselmax 444 Turbocharged Tier III diesel engine producing 114 hp, and is coupled to a fully automatic power-shift transmission. Standard features include frame leveling, tilt steering column with full instrumentation, light package and back-up alarm. Options include full cab, air conditioning, side shift and fork positioning carriages and a variety of lift heights and fork lengths.

Rock You Like a Hurricane

The Hurricane Blo-Vac from Hurricane, Inc. is a stand-on riding blower powered by a 27 hp Kohler engine. The Hurricane blows, vacuums and loads debris and features precision airflow control and zero-turning radius. It measures less than 36 inches wide and has lights for night operation.

Optional vacuum package and golf course package available.

Keep Your Hat on Your Head

The Xcap, with extractable eyewear technology from Toro dealers, includes built-in retractors equipped with scratch-resistant safety glasses that are approved for yard and lawn care activity.

The safety glasses—or most any other sun, prescription and safety eyewear—easily attach through the double loop of the cap’s extractable cord. Once the glasses are attached, the retractors glide in and out, keeping the glasses and cap from falling off.

For added safety, the Xcap headwear comes packaged with a set of earplugs bearing a 32dB rating.

Underhill Goes Universal

Underhill International’s universal valve box cover fits 6 and 7-inch-round valve boxes. The adaptable replacement covers are constructed from high strength materials and are UV resistant.

Light My Fire

U.S Architectural has expanded the Galaxy Series, a collection of streetscape fixtures with more than 100 design options.

Galaxy now features 13 models with varied heights and widths, depending on site requirements. Options include interchangeable hoods and diffusers in multiple sizes and designs, along with unique mounting arms in arch, deco, yoke, post top and swooped styling.

All-Terrain Plow

Agri-Cover’s SnowSport All-Terrain Plow has released an easy-to-install front-mount for ’06-’08 Dixon Speed 36, 42 and 44 zero-turn mowers.

The plow is manufactured from corrosion-resistant, hardened, anodized aluminum and is equipped with a 1-inch-thich rubber cutting edge designed plow hard, compacted snow, yet remain terrain-friendly.

Reduce Water Use

The Sterling ET with Flow Control is a specialized irrigation controller that reduces water use and is designed to use several communication management technologies.

Manufactured by Storm Mfg. Group, Inc., the controller accurately disburses the amount of water needed without over or under-watering. It uses data sources to monitor real-time weather conditions and adjusts its watering schedule appropriately.

The model can accommodate Water2Save, a cellular-based communication service, and Weather Reach, a signal-based communication receiver.

Flawlessly Finished Grass

Hustler TrimStar Hydro Walk-Behinds feature newly designed, full-floating decks in 36 or 48-inch widths and molded-rubber discharge chutes that flip over out of the way to pass through gates and more. The mowers are powered by 15 or 17 hp Kawasaki air-cooled gas engines, and have an IZT transmission with no hoses. The H-Bar Plus steering system glides over grass while the cruise control holds at the chosen speed.

Increased Capabilities of T-Series Reels

Coxreels’ new reel models in the heavy-duty Truck Mount Series have an increased capacity of 75 feet of .75-inch I.D hose and 50 feet if 1-inch I.D hose. The reels are spring-motor operated and come equipped with Coxreels’ Super-Hub and triple-axle support with full frame for maximum strength and rigidity.

The T-Series handling .75 to 1-inch hose are also now equipped with stainless steel rollers.

Maximum Corrosion Resistance

Reelcraft Ind. now offers a noncorrosive fluid path option on their reels, including Series RT, 5000, 7000 and 9000. The reels are rigid enough to withstand industrial or commercial use applications. The fluid path is engineered to provide maximum corrosion resistance.

T-Series Tractors

Kubota’s 2008 T-Series lawn tractors are available in the 20 hp T2080, the 23 hp T2380 and the single-cylinder, 18 hp T1880.

The T-Series tractors feature the 3-in-1 Infinity Deck as standard equipment; single-pedal control for speed and direction changes; cruise control; and a one-step parking brake.

Operators will find a smooth ride with Kubota’s Cushion-Ride suspension system (standard on the T2080 and T2380), and a deluxe high-back seat.

Optional attachments include a 6.5-bushel-capacity grass catcher with V-frame; 46-inch snow blower and 48-inch front blade.

Pest Control With a Punch

The R2 or Rodenator Remote by Meyer Industries can be controlled with the push of a button. The R2 features a flex injection hose with 45-degree aluminum attachment, quick connections for fuel hoses and 50 feet of fuel-rated T-Grade hose.

A New Evolution

The newest product from Aqua Control, Inc., the Evolution Series .5 hp fountain offers six spray patterns and one person plug-in-and-go operation. The fountain can be plugged into a standard 115-volt household receptacle and features a spray pattern that allows it to pump over 130 GPM while producing a spray pattern reminiscent of a tornado. Also included is either a 100-foot or 175-foot power cord, 100 feet of monitoring rope with two mooring stakes and a timer/photo sensor controller GFCI. Optional 120-volt LED lighting is available to accent the fountain with a variety of lamp colors to choose from.

A Super Snowplow

SuperPlow, LLC has introduced the SuperPlow EZ, a self-contained snowplow powered by an onboard battery and charged off the host vehicle. No special framing or wiring is needed. The SuperPlow can plow forward and reverse, and is easily switched between vehicles.

Broad-Spectrum Aquatic Herbicide

RedWing Aquatic and Landscape Herbicide is the newest product to be added to the Phoenix Environmental Care product line.

RedWing is a highly active, nonselective herbicide that contains 2 pounds of diquat per gallon and has a low-use rate. It is packaged in 2.5, 30 and 120-gallon refillable and returnable BATPak (buy, apply, turn in) containers.

Can You Hear Me Now?

The low-decibel series three-point hitch blower from Agrimetal is available in four sizes to fit tractors 16 to 45 hp at PTO. The air deflector for the larger model is hydraulically controlled from the tractor seat. All models ride on a large roller to prevent compaction and scuffing.

Good to Go

New High Energy vibratory screeners from McCloskey International offer more ways to process materials. Recent design updates to the S130 and S190 flatdeck units introduce triple-deck models that produce four streams of graded material. The addition of a fourth product conveyor comes with a hydraulic folding feature that allows for multiple height and angle options, and requires no disassembly for transportation since the conveyor folds into transport position hydraulically.

Keep the Sweat Out of Your Eyes

The saturation-proof Sweat GUTR sweatband from Tunnel Vision, Inc., keeps sweat out of workers’ eyes. The GUTR works by diverting sweat away from eyes and glasses. It doesn’t saturate and is basically dry after use. The product works well with hard hats, caps and safety glasses.

Quick Change

Nascent Design, Inc.’s Power Shifter rapid-change engine mounting system allows an engine to be quickly swapped between multiple machines in 17 seconds without tools. It allows failed engines to be replaced, and allows a single engine to be swapped between multiple machines, or even stored separately from machines.

It can be installed on new machines, or a retrofit model is available for most existing machines.


In the August Buying Guide to Topdressers, Spreaders and Seeders, the entry for Turfco was inadvertently left out. Here is how it should have appeared:


The T3000 riding applicator safely handles uneven terrain and matches spread and spray from 6 to 9 feet wide with trimming capabilities.