Tackle High Slopes

The TT270 implement carrier from AEBI has 95 hp, is hydrostatically driven, and features four-wheel steer, four-wheel drive, and a Category I front hitch with PTO and category I/II hitch with PTO. A wide stance, light ground pressure and specialty tires allow the tractor to navigate high slopes and difficult terrain. Other features include A/C, heat and auto-power tilt seat.

Protect Your Feet

Aquanators from LawnGrips are natural rubber boots that feature “Grip-n-Go” outsoles for multidirectional traction and debris release with double-cushioned insoles and steel shanks. Available in 12 or 16-inch heights.

The Easy Way to Lay Sod

RevTech’s AST (Advanced Sod-Laying Technology) features zero-turn capability without turf damage and is complete with a hydraulic, variable-speed drive system. The machine has a travel speed of up to 12 mph and is powered by a 27 hp Kohler engine. The hydraulic width adjustment is capable of handling 24, 30, 42 and 48-inch-wide rolls up to 170 feet long. The operator seat is positioned for good visibility and within reach of sod roll for cut off, and the center of gravity is positioned for side hill applications. Machine can be transported on most skid steer trailers.

More Lift Assist

Performance Trailers’ spring assist kit allows better lifting angle with higher springs attachment point, creating more lift assist when the tailgate is down. The kit comes with two top rail brackets (either flat or round top rail), two springs, two special auto coil safety cables inside the springs and mounting hardware.

One Size Does Not Fit All

The MaxTorque SS Trimmers from RedMax range from 8,000 to 11,000 RPM and are equipped with the MaxClean air filtration system, MaxFlex trigger and MaxComfort control grips. All models of the professional-commercial trimmer are equipped with the MaxSpeed Loader twist and load trimmer head and green and clean Strato-Charged engines, which offer up to 20 percent better fuel economy than standard two-stroke engines. They also feature an upgraded, heavy-duty, four-bearing, extended life gear case for increased durability.

The BCZ2650SS is 7 inches shorter than most trimmers.

Kill In-Row Weeds the Easy Way

Weed Badger’s Model SS600 turns a skid-steer loader into a four-wheel drive, in-row cultivator. With magnum coil teeth, the unit kills in-row weeds, and is ideal for many landscape preparation and cleanup tasks. Choose from 14, 18, 21 or 25-inch cultivated swaths. Rotors are interchangeable. The Angle Link Kit, standard with the Model SS600, moves the rotor out ahead for increased visibility, and the Posi-Depth System offers precise depth control, which is adjustable for tillage depth and tooth/tine wear.

Need a Lift?

MoJack has unveiled the MoJack Pro, a larger model of its original product. The MoJack Pro features a lifting capacity of 400 pounds and makes blade sharpening, belt replacement and mower debris removal safe and easy. It fits any size lawn tractor or riding lawn mower, including zero-turn radius models.

Turn Your Pickup into a Dump Truck

The Compact Dump-Pro is the latest addition to Standard Hamilton Company’s product line. The Compact Dump-Pro is for light-duty pickup trucks with 6-foot beds or larger width trucks with 6-foot or longer beds. Rated at 3,000 pounds hauling, 2,700 pounds dumping capacity, the unit handles 1.1 cubic yards of material with the basic unit, or 3 yards with the Hi-Sides option. It features a 60-degree dumping angle and a steel reinforced, non-rusting polyethylene dump body and winch-driven drive system that does not require hydraulics to operate. The Compact Dump-Pro can also be mounted on small flat-bed trailers with the trailering strap option.

RockHound Can Hook You Up

With the HookUp from RockHound Attachments, you can use skid steer attachments on excavators and backhoes. It features an adjustable, universal bolt-on mount and spring-loaded locking handles, as well as aux hydraulics near by and locking retention wedge pins.

Various bucket-style mounts are available.

Dependable Hauling with a Pickup

The Contractors Series trailer from Side Dump Industries is the right size for a pickup or trailer. The side-dump trailer hauls 4 cubic yards of stone, dirt, gravel, building material, mulch, debris and more, and features a 45-degree-plus dump angle with nylon pivot blocks for smooth pivoting while dumping. Also comes with a sealed tub for water-tight applications with a 1.5-inch drain plug. Comes standard with a 2 5/16-inch adjustable ball hitch for hooking on to different height hitches.

New Aerator Attachment

SourceOne Outdoor Power Equipment’s VersaTow aerator attachment has 12-inch self-storing wings for operation at 36, 48 or 60-inch widths. The wings float independently for results, even on uneven terrain. The VersaTow is compatible with a Category 1, three-point hitch or standard tow bar. Offers approximate 6-by-7-inch core spacing up to 4 inches deep from 80 heat-treated, 5/8-inch tubular tines.

One Great Grapple

The Exca-Beak grapple system for compact excavators and loader backhoes allows the full operating range of the bucket, and is ideal for hardscaping, demolition, feeding chippers or tub grinders, concrete tear out (such as sidewalk), firewood processing and more. Manufactured by Daniel Mfg., it is popular in quick-tatch styles and can be supplied in pin on configuration.

Stay in Control

The PDS-100 from Fluid Metering, Inc. is a programmable dispensing system that uses precision stepper motors to control a variety of FMI’s valveless piston pumps.

The PDS-100 has a range from 500 nanoliters per dispense to 2 liters per minute continuous flow. It will accommodate FMI pump sizes in both fixed and adjustable displacement configurations. It can be configured to control one or two pump heads. In two-pump head configurations, each pump can be controlled independently for dual proportional dispensing and metering, or synchronized to produce a smooth, pulseless flow.

Keep Trakk of Your Employees

The FastTrakker from Exaktime, Inc., is a hand-held device that each worker carries to clock in for any of 1,000 activities (cost codes) at any number of work sites. The latest addition to the JobClock System, the unit adds detailed information to time and attendance tracking.

Maximize Aeration Effectiveness

Kasco has added the model 4400JF to its line of decorative aerating fountains. The 4400JF is a high-efficiency, 1 hp floating fountain aerator that can be installed in a medium-sized pond up to .5-acre in size to improve water quality and provide a dramatic fountain display.

It includes a system of interchangeable nozzles packed with each unit that allows the user to select from five pattern displays ranging from 10 feet tall to 28 feet wide. Optional light kit available.

Mow in Comfort

John Deere’s 2653B Trim & Surrounds Mower is powered by a 19.9 hp diesel engine and is available with three 26-inch or 30-inch cutting units, for a total cutting width of 72 or 84 inches. A new traction system provides flow equally to each wheel motor to reduce slippage and improve hill climbing. A redesigned operator station provides easier access to controls, better access on and off the machine, and an additional 4 inches of legroom. A standard two-post SAE j21294 ROPS is also on the machine.