Tackle Tough Loads

The Brute 65 multipurpose hand truck from Better Bilt Products features a 1,200-pound workload capacity and heavy-duty welded grid body. The unit easily fits through 36-inch gates and has high-flotation tires with grease fittings, as well as a fully encased axle for strength.

Smooth Your Turf

TurfTime Equipment LLC has added H D Smoothing Rollers to their product line. The 2-foot-diameter rollers come with a heavy-duty 3/8-inch wall with four standard sizes: 4, 5, 6 and 7.5-foot widths. Custom widths and carrying wheels are available.

Aerate in Any Direction

The Zrator is a steerable, front-mount core aerator for most popluar zero-turn mowers. Its design allows the operator to aerate forward, left, right and reverse without raising the tines out of the ground. Manufactured for Uteco, Inc., the Zrator is easy to mount, features a simple design, and increases productivity by having the ability to follow the shape of the landscape, trees and mulch beds.

Easy Adjustments

Kesmac Transportable Reel Mowers are now available with single-point adjustment. The single-point adjuster allows reel adjustment with one single knob. Along with reel fine adjustment, the reel can be kept adjusted professionally by anybody. The scissor-like cut of the Kesmac reel mowers can be maintained quickly and inexpensively. Available in five cut widths: 11 feet 3 inches; 11 feet 6 inches; 16 feet; 20 feet 6 inches; and 25 feet.

DOT-Approved Gas Can

No Spill’s 5-gallon portable fuel containers features an innovative cap that allowed it to pass tests to become DOT/UN (Department of Transportation/United Nations) approved. It has also previously received CARB and EPA certification. The DOT-approved sizes are the 5-gallon gas, diesel, kerosene cans and caps. The 1.25 and 2.5-gallon sizes may apply for DOT/UN approval at a later date.

Liquid Aeration

Nature’s Pro Bio-AER is a liquid aeration and bio-recharge agent. From Green Pro Solutions, it features complex organic compounds that flocculate the soil structure to produce 100 percent aeration, added moisture capacity and enhanced root growth. Unlike traditional plant health products, Bio-AER works from the soil up, not from the surface down. Some benefits include improved soil properties, improved soil cation exchange capacity (CEC), improved air exchange and soil drainage in compacted soil, improved water-holding capacity for better soil retention and increased drought tolerance and more.

An Applicator for Every Material

The Ecolawn self-propelled multipurpose applicator, new for 2010, is ideal for topdressing, compost spreading, turf renovation and seeding organic matter. It can spread a wide variety of materials, such as compost, soil mix, palletized products, calcite clay, crumb rubber, sand and salt.

Not Just Hot Air

Buffalo Turbine’s Twin Turbine Cyclone2 (Squared) is powered by a 40 hp Kohler engine and features wireless nozzle/throttle control, giving you the ability to blow debris further with more air volume than most other blower units. This increase in air volume allows you to blow debris up hills, out of ditches and in other troublesome areas.

Feed the Turf

The Valve Box Fertigation System from Turf Feeding Systems is for sports turf and landscapes that measure 2 to 10 acres. This new fertigation model is water-driven, so it does not need power, and installs belowground for simple installation and operation.

Spread a Variety of Materials

The MS4500 topdresser from TurfEx features polyethylene construction, fully electric operation and precision spreading ability. It is trailer-mounted and has the ability to spread standard topdressing sand, crumb rubber and a variety of other bulk materials, including compost and soil conditioners. Other features include lightweight construction, large flotation tires and an 18-inch steel spinner with adjustable fins that angle to accurately direct material spreading.

Dig Deeper

Danuser’s EP Heavy-Duty auger series has an innovative planetary design with fewer internal components, which are completely sealed and running in oil, as well as forged planetary housing and output with tapered roller bearings and a compact housing design and hoses routed out the top that allow you to dig deeper and in tighter locations. Features a 2-inch hex output shaft.

Protect Your Equipment

Next Generation Power has developed the Cargo Door Lock, which employs a state-of-the-art Xena lock and heavy-duty clamp system. The Xena lock features a corrosion-resistant, T304 stainless-steel body and anti-twist, boron-hardened steel shackle that can’t be hammered apart, chiseled off or opened with bolt cutters. It is also pick-proof, freeze-spray-proof and drill-resistant, while incorporating a 110dB siren. The clamp system is adjustable in width to fit almost any trailer or container door, and the lock’s 5/8-inch-diameter shackles pass through two holes of the clamping mechanism for superior locking strength.

Document Management

eBridge Solutions 4.0 for the landscape industry allows users to scan, store and retrieve documents using any computer with Internet access. Documents are scanned in and labeled using up to seven unique index values, which are defined by the business. Users can retrieve documents using those index files or search by keyword.

New features in 4.0 include automatic scanner detector, enhanced TIFF viewer, improved optical character recognition and even greater data encryption. The service allows lawn and landscape professionals to access important files such as inspections, permits, licenses and certificates via the Internet; link multiple locations by having one centralized file cabinet; better organize contracts, orders and invoices; save money on ink, paper and office supplies; eliminate the need for files, file cabinets and off-site storage; and improve compliance with record retention regulations.

The Equalizer

The Equalizer nitrogen-assisted dampening system, which hydraulically transfers loads in all terrains, is the newest product from Talbert Mfg., Inc. This suspension system oscillates around a central self-tracking pivot point to provide proportionate weight distribution in each axle grouping, regardless of road conditions. It is available for use with Talbert 55SA (55-ton) and 60SA (60-ton) 3+1 spread axle series trailers and axle attachments.

New Engines Handle Extreme Conditions

Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power has added four Vanguard single-cylinder engines to their product line with gross horsepower ratings of 5.5 to 10 hp. The new engines represent many new features specifically designed to address top work site challenges, such as heavy dust, lack of regular maintenance, filtration issues and oil dilution during transportation. The engines are also equipped with the patent-pending TransportGuard system, which ensures that fuel stays where it belongs and helps eliminate fouled plugs, hydraulic lock, cylinder wash down and crankcase oil dilution caused by transportation. Also, each area of the engine has been designed to address durability and reliability challenges, including a high-mounted, canister-style air cleaner with 27 percent more filter area than other units; an all-metal fuel tank to reduce emissions; and heat-treated PTO bearing races.

Easy Clean Up

The newest Haaga sweeper features a three-brush electric double-sweeping system and functions as a manual or electric sweeper, cleaning wet and dry, large and small debris both inside and out. The unit is lightweight, and has ergonomic, fingertip operation, dust control seals and is maintenance-free.

Stack ’Em Up

Wright Metal Products manufactures stackable steel crates, racks, shelves and carts to save on labor, LTL freight and maximize warehouse capacity, as well as eliminate the unnecessary cost of added floor space. Products are made custom designed to specific solutions, and feature custom welded fixtures that ensure high stacking strength and consistent performance.

Secure Your Equipment

The Wheel to Pedal Lock secures the steering wheel in the turned position while attached to the break pedal, preventing theft. From The Equipment Lock Company, this lock can have multiple units keyed alike, or can be keyed alike to any other TELC product. It is also offered with a built-in, four-digit, changeable combination lock.

Clearing Snow with the Sno-Thro

The AMP 24 Sno-Thro from Ariens Co. is an all-electric, two-stage snow thrower with a 24-inch clearing width. The machine runs between 45 and 60 minutes on a single charge depending on snow conditions and provides a quiet alternative to traditional gas-powered units.