Keepin’ It Clean

Garage D.O.G.G. Cleaner cleans outdoor dirt, oil, grease and grime on chain saws, hand tools, garage floors, lawn mowers, wheels, hubcaps, weed trimmers, ATVs, as well as most garage and outdoor equipment. Manufactured by Gold Eagle, it also contains a corrosion inhibitor to fight against damaging rust.

The cleaner comes with a spray nozzle that allows the can to spray at any angle.

Direct Water Away from Your Work

King Innovation’s Siphon King Extension/Replacement Hose attaches to Siphon King Utility Pumps. The 72-inch flexible hose directs water away from the work site and a coupler provides hose extension to existing pump hose.

Reach for the Sky!

The self-propelled X-Booms from Bil-Jax feature a 3.5 mph drive speed and four-wheel drive capability, and are available in two models.

The 36XT is a telescopic boom with 43 feet of working height and a 32-foot maximum outreach. The 45XA is an articulating boom with a 51-foot working height and 27 feet of maximum outreach. Both X-Booms require no commercial license for towing. There are a variety of options available for these lifts.

Form a Flexible Mulch Blanket

MulchGard Professional Mulch Binder is an easy-to-apply liquid bonding agent that binds mulch and fibers together to form a cohesive, flexible mulch “blanket” resistant to troublesome wind and erosion. Treated mulch fibers are locked tightly together, yet still allow beneficial air, water and nutrients to pass through.

MulchGard is super-concentrated and can be applied with a hand-held garden sprayer or backpack sprayer after being mixed with water. For very large areas, it can also be applied with truck or trailer-mounted sprayers.

Available in 1, 5 and 55-gallon containers; 275-gallon totes; and in bulk container quantities.

A Better Mower

Better Outdoor Products’ compact hydrostatic 32-inch cut Quickie 32 mower features a compact design, deep tunnel deck and easy-to-use controls with thumb-actuated reverse. Engine choices include a 13 hp Briggs Intek manual start, a 15 hp Kawasaki twin manual start and a 16 hp Kawasaki twin electric start.

Compact Utility Loader

The Ramrod WB1500 TX, from Leon’s Mfg. Co., Inc., features a 1,500-pound lift capacity, standard self-leveling and a narrow, 30.5-inch-side track design. The unit is powered by a 23 hp air-cooled Kawasaki gas engine and has over 60 quick-attach accessories. Available as a walk-behind or with optional ride-on platform.

Don’t Break Your Back

The BackSaver Grip from Lee Valley is an ergonomically designed handle for straight-shaft tools. By changing the position and angle of your grip, it helps reduce back strain, fatigue and stress injuries caused by repetitive movements. Made from ABS plastic, it can be used on any long-handled tool with a shaft from .75 to 1.75 inches in diameter.

Eliminate Weeds for Good

ProDeuce from Nufarm Turf & Specialty is a dual-action herbicide that combines the long-lasting preemergent control of prodiamine with the nonselective control of glyphosate. A yearly application eliminates crabgrass, ragweed and many other weeds in cracks and crevices, tree rings and mulched beds.

Trim on Both Sides of the Tractor

The Ventrac LK520 Rear Discharge Mower by Venture Products, Inc. attaches to the 3000 series tractors and trims on both the left and right sides. It features a 52-inch cutting width and 14 cutting positions ranging from .75 to 4 inches in cutting height. The cutting height adjustment can be done without tools using a single quick select lever.

The mower is designed with a center front roller for anti-scalping and full rear roller for even cutting and striping. It uses three 18-inch mulching style blades.