Control Burrowing Rodents-Hands-Free

The Rodenator R3 Pest Elimination System now has wired detonation up to 25 feet from the source. From Meyer Industries, the R3 version delivers a precision underground shockwave to the targeted animals’ tunnels and dens, eliminating the rodents and collapsing their tunnel systems to prevent re-infestation like the R1 system it’s based on, but also features wired, hands-free detonation at a distance up to 25 feet, placing the operator well away from the blast zone. The R3 system also creates less user fatigue, allowing for more pest control treatments per hour.

Engines for Extreme Environments

Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power has added four Vanguard single-cylinder engines with gross horsepower ratings of 5.5 to 10 hp to their product line. The engines feature the TransportGuard system, which is an integrated switch that simultaneously shuts off the ignition and fuel, ensuring the fuel stays where it belongs to eliminate fouled plugs, hydraulic lock, cylinder wash down and crankcase oil dilution caused by transportation. The engines also have larger coils assuring fast, easy starts and full skirt rewind for more airflow, while restricting dirt and debris intake.

Two-In-One Tools

REIST Industries’ 24SP AeraSeeder line is available 4, 6 and 8-foot models and are 34 inches wide, small enough to fit through a backyard gate. The self-propelled machines specializes in overseeding hard-to-get-to places with a seeding width of 24 inches. The multi-spiked roller produces approximately 800 perforations per square yard, effectively saturating the top surface with a network of holes, and the tandem rollers oscillate 30 degrees, which allow good ground contact through the roller pivot plate terrain adjustment mechanism.

New Tailgate Replacement Spreader

The electric-drive stainless steel spreader from Buyers Products fits DumperDogg pickup truck inserts and features 5-by-20-foot dual-flight augers with mixing tines to move rock salt, chemicals and other free-flowing granular material to the 14-inch poly spinner. The augers and spinner are powered by independent 12 VDC motors, and the adjustable spread pattern, from 4 to 20 feet, is controlled from an in-cab, independent variable spinner speed control and auger control.

Music to My Ears

The Jensen MSR3007 Marine Grade AM/FM/CD/iPod/SIRIUS satellite-ready stereo features full iPod control and has a CD player with 40 seconds of electronic skip protection, a front auxiliary input jack for use of any portable music device and is SIRIUS Gen 3.0 satellite radio capable. Manufactured by ASA Electronics, the DIN-size stereo has large, user-friendly backlit buttons, an easy-to-view sunlight-readable dot matrix LCD display and rubber keypad controls to keep out water, dirt and grime commonly encountered in turf settings. It is also designed with a non-detachable silver faceplate and can be mounted in any DIN-sized dash opening. With 160 watts of power, the MSR3007 an be heard above equipment and vehicle noise, has a two-wire power system to maintain clock and station presents for up to 30 days even when the vehicle’s battery is disconnected. Ideal for off-road recreational, ATV/UTV, golf cars and turf equipment vehicle operations.

Mount Your Plow in Minutes

The SnowSport All-Terrain plow by Agri-Cover, Inc., now has an easy-to-install front mount available for the Kawasaki Teryx 750 UTV. The blade is manufactured from corrosion-resistant, hardened, anodized aluminum and is equipped with a 1-inch-thick rubber cutting edge. It does not require any wiring, lever controls or winch to operate. The mount installs the plow on the Kawasaki UTV in minutes and completely removes in seconds.

KIOTI Expands DKSE Line

KIOTI has extended its DKSE mid-sized tractor line to now include 13 model options.

The DKSE series is KIOTI’s main and premium line of tractors in the 30 to 50 hp range and features Daedong water-cooled diesel engines, telescopic, CAT I, three-point hitch with up to 2,400 pounds of lift capacity. A standard rear PTO with up to 37.5 hp at 540 RPM is designed to run a wide range of implements and attachments, and an optional mid-PTO is available. Choice of fold-down ROPS with seat belts or deluxe cab with ROPS enclosed.

Who’s the Boss?

BOB-CAT’s BOSS-VAC PRO grass and leaf collection system features 12-bushel total capacity, a spindle-driven blower that engages with the cutter deck, low center of gravity for better sight and stability and easy-on, easy-off quick disconnect hose that uses no tools after initial installation. Heavyweight UV-resistant fabric provides better air displacement and filling capabilities and the 80 mph air velocity at the collection system offers exceptional grass and leaf collection and compaction.

A Material Handler That Can Multitask

The MX650 from STEC Equipment has a capacity of over 6 cubic yards, and the ability to both topdress and spread up to 40 feet wide. The swinging arm, with hydraulic deflector, allows you to distribute material with high precision at a wide variety of angles and directions, and the unit comes with a wireless remote for greater range of control both on and off the tractor.