STA-BIL Designed for Diesel

Gold Eagle Co., is now offering a Diesel Formula STA-BIL to keep diesel fuel fresh for quick, easy starts. Designed for use at every fill-up, this new formula prevents sludge and sediment from forming in diesel fuel, protects against corrosion, reduces oxidation of diesel fuel caused by thermal breakdown and helps remove water from diesel fuel, which bacteria, fungus and algae require to grow. It also contains extra lubricity and detergents to protect and clean the entire fuel system.

Dual-Purpose Parking Garage Melter

The SND580 from Snow Dragon is a snowmelter can be used on the top deck of a parking garage. The dual-axle snowmelter weighs approximately 10,000 pounds filled with fuel and water and only 6,500 pounds empty, allowing it to be towed by a properly-sized Ford 150 or Dodge Ram 1500 or higher. The melt rating on the unit is 18 tons per hour, allowing it to be used on standard melting applications as well.

Adjust Seasonally Without Reprogramming

Underhill International has introduced WaterDex, an innovative palm-sized remote that adjusts sprinkler run-times without reprogramming the irrigation controller. The WaterDex includes a mini-transmitter (3 by 2 by 2 inches) with a 200-foot line-of-sight range and micro-receiver that hard-wires into the irrigation controller. By dialing up or down on the WaterDex, end-users can immediately increase or decrease sprinkler run-times for any zone throughout their system, without affecting the programming cycle. The controller remains set at a maximum summer schedule and is fine-tuned by percentage in 10-degree increments as the seasons change, based on zip code location and the regional watering index.

Premium Mulches

The TRU-Mulch line from Finn Corporation features six mulches specifically designed to meet the demands of various erosion control and hydroseeding projects. The wood fibers used throughout the line originate from virgin poplar and pine wood chips from forests of the eastern U.S. The mulches undergo an advanced “double refining” process that uses high-pressure steam to create fiber from wood chips, and a nontoxic green dye is added to increase visibility during application and to enhance aesthetic appeal. The six products included the line: TRU-Wood for basic erosion control and hydroseeding needs; TRU-Wood with HydroStik, which features Finn’s HydroStik tackifier allowing a stronger binding of fibers to the soil; TRU-Blend, which combines the superieor holding strength of wood fiber with a clean, recycled paper product; TRU-Blend with HydroStik, featuring Finn’s HydroStik tackifier; TRU-Max SMM, a stabilized mulch matrix for three-to-six-month soil stabilization; and TRU-Bond BFM for superior holding power on the toughest slopes.

Trench in Tight Spaces

The Toro TRX-26 walk-behind trencher features the Toro Dingo TX-style control system, making it easy to control, eliminating the “jerk” steering required with handlebar steering, allowing for smoother, more precise trenching. And, with its zero-turn maneuverability and ground pressure as low as 4.1 PSI, it can access confined spaces without damaging turf.

The TRX-26 can be outfitted with 2, 3 or 4-foot boom attachments, allowing it to trench up to 8 inches wide and up to 48 inches deep.

Compact, Commercial Chippers

Swampy Hollow’s S.H.M. Model WC3000 wood chipper is belt-driven and designed to be operated by the PTO shafts of tractors with as little as 16 hp. It fits Category I three-point hitches and a hopper opening of 25 by 18 inches for smooth, easy feeding, and the chip opening measures 3 by 5.5 inches. The chip discharge chute can be rotated into two fixed positions.

Rough Mower and Finishing Mower in One

Progressive Turf’s TDR-12 Roller Mower is ideal where a superlative cut and striping is required. As well as being a rough mower, the TDR-12 cuts as low as .5-inch. The CY-style input system eliminates the need for special tractor set-up and delivers silky smooth performance while negotiating sharp turns. Deck bounce is eliminated through roller to turf contact at high ground speeds, increasing productivity. For optimum performance, 30 to 40 hp is required.

Bolt-On Traction System for ATVs

The J-Wheel bolt-on wheel attachment from Creative Solutions, LLC extends the width of the tire to provide increased surface area and traction in loose terrain, while remaining free of firm terrain to maintain full steering and speed capabilities of the machine. Designed for ATVs, utility vehicles and six-wheel vehicles, it is made of a polyethylene copolymer and a closed-cell marine-grade foam adds flotation to the attachment.

Stay Covered

The PathPro SS soft cab system for the Polaris Ranger 2010 400 and 800 models easily mounts to the factory-installed ROPS. From Curtis Industries, LLC, cab system is lightweight and can be used year-round in all types of weather.

The PathPro SS features a strong, low-profile textured black steel roof with acoustic liner, steel frame doors with locking handles and full perimeter bulb rubber, which collectively proved for a weather-tight enclosure. The windshield is made from hard polycarbonate material for added protection, and is strong enough to support a wiper and can stand up to abrasion and trail debris.

Additional accessories include the Mega Burner heater, wiper kit, safety beacon, work lights and custom overhead console with AM/FM radio/CD player and built-in switch panel.

A Powerful Plow

Turf Teq’s Model 1305 PLPlow is 46 inches wide and is ideal for snow removal. The plow’s angle (left/right) can be adjusted from the operator position, and it has the capability to allow the blade to oscillate or be locked into position. The plow also features a spring-loaded trip release and replaceable cutting edge while employing a fully hydrostatic transmission with forward/reverse and a 13 hp Honda engine. The plow can also be converted into a power edger, power broom, power rake or brush cutter for all-season use.

Dig Deeper

The EP Heavy-Duty Auger Series from Danuser features a 2-inch hex output shaft, utility-style housing with integrated ears for added strength and internal components that are complete sealed and running in oil. The unit also has forged planetary housing and output with tapered roller bearings and compact housing design, and hoses routed out the top allowing you to dig deeper and in tighter locations.

Irrigation for Small Areas

The Bauer Group’s new A3 high-efficiency irrigation system features a galvanized pipe reel that swivels easily through 180 degrees and can be assembled by a single operator. The polyethylene pipe is available in lengths of 410, 492 and 558 feet, with diameters of 2 1/8 and 2.5 inches. In one irrigation run, the sprinkler covers up to 230 feet side to side over a maximum irrigated length of 656 feet. A second strip opposite the first area can be irrigated following the initial run without having the change the position of the unit. At a working pressure of at least 3.5 bar, the unit achieves precise flow rates of 21 to 88 GPM.

Multifunctional Attachment for Mowers

TurfEx’s Thatch, Groom ‘N’ Sweep Package attachment system for zero-turn mowers can be converted from a sweeper to a dethatcher without having to purchase additional equipment. Available in 48 and 60-inch widths (models MT480 and MT600, respectively), the attachment includes two rows of brush sections, which can be replaced with spring-mounted tines. To switch between the two, the operator simply removes a containment plate and then slides the brush or tine into sections in and out of the housing.

The Thatch, Groom ‘N’ Sweep Package features TurfEx’s exclusive Flex Hitch design.