Time to Aerate

TurfTime Equipment has introduced five new sizes of aerators ranging from 36 to 96 inches. The new design enables the use of both slicing and coring tines. Standard gauge roller comes with slicing tines and ballast tank. Optional wheel kits available.

New Option for Drop Spreaders

Eco-friendly 12-inch semi-pneumatic tires are available as an option for Gandy Company’s 24 and 36-inch precision lawn drop spreaders. Made from recycled rubber, the tires feature a puncture-proof solid rubber tire mounted on a black, polypropylene center, made from recycled plastic as well. Weighing nearly 4 pounds and measuring 1.5 inches wide, they provide a visible stripe in the turf, allowing the operator to mark the areas where fertilizer, granular chemicals or seed has been previously applied.

Backbone Premium Aluminum Truck Racks

The Backbone Premium Aluminum Truck Racks are constructed from all-polished .25-inch aluminum. The racks are customizable and expandable with multiple sliding tie-downs.

A True “Green Machine”

The Turf Tracker Arc from C & S Turf Care Equipment is an all-electric, zero-turn, riding spreader-sprayer. The unit’s low-maintenance design uses no gas and no oil and features no emissions and no noise. The Arc lasts all day on a single charge; just plug it in to its charger at the end of the day and it’s ready to go the next morning.

Don’t Break Your Back

The PB-770 blower features an average air volume of 765 CFM at the pipe and 204 mph maximum air speed. It is equipped with a 63.3cc Power Boost Tornado engine with Pro-Fire ignition for quick and easy starts, and it comes in hip and tube-mounted throttle versions. From Echo, Inc., the PB-770 has a straight back “L” frame; an extra-flexible tube; dual-stage, side-mounted, heavy-duty air filtration; wide-angle tube rotation; padded backrests and shoulder straps; and a leaf guard. The unit also has an exclusive vented back pad that draws air in around the user for comfortable operation in hot weather. A vent cover is included to block this function during cold weather.

New Tailgate Replacement Spreader

The electric-drive stainless steel spreader from Buyers Products fits DumperDogg pickup truck inserts and features 5-by-20-foot dual-flight augers with mixing tines to move rock salt, chemicals and other free-flowing granular material to the 14-inch poly spinner. The augers and spinner are powered by independent 12 VDC motors, and the adjustable spread pattern, from 4 to 20 feet, is controlled from an in-cab, independent variable spinner speed control and auger control.

Small Spaces, No Problem

Earthway’s S15 Spray-Pro push sprayer has 10-inch pneumatic wheels, a 5-gallon tank and is designed for spraying ice control products, pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. The S15 is a fully assembled smaller version of the S25 Spray-Pro Mark III, and includes an adjustable spray system.

Automatic Water Filter

Forsta’s line of low-pressure automatic industrial water filters range from 2 to 30 inches with flow rates from 15 to 20,000 GPM in a single filter housing. Their design provides an ideal energy-saving solution in applications with line pressure as low as 15 PSI. Filters are available in stainless steel, carbon steel with epoxy coating or duplex stainless, and are ideal for process water, cooling water, wastewater, spray nozzle protection and other industrial applications.

Measure Moisture in the Soil

The SM300 precision sensor measures volumetric water content and soil temperature. From Dynamax, Inc., it can be used in all soil types and is suited to applications in research, horticulture, agriculture and irrigation.

The Cleaner

LawnShark’s LTL-30 is powered by a 5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine and features a 2.4-bushel capacity. The walk-behind unit has counter-rotating brushes combined with cyclonic suction to provide maximum collection performance.

A Mower-Mounted Sprayer

The US250 sprayer from TurfEx features a universal mount that allows it to attach to the front of most zero-turn mowers, and is electric-powered so there are no engines or hydraulics to maintain. The pump is rated at 2 GPM at 60 PSI, and the corrosion-resistant polyethylene tank holds up to 25 gallons. To apply liquid, the US250 has an adjustable spray wand, which is attached to 25 feet of hose. This makes the unit ideal for many turf care applications, including weed spraying, tree and flower watering and pest control.

An optional 48-inch, front-mounted boom is also available for spraying directly to the ground, as well as a boomless spray head, which uses a single nozzle to spray liquid up to a 15-foot-wide pattern.