What’s New

Source: www.TurfMagazine.com

One-Person, Portable Pumping Machine

The Portapump from Seago is a one-person operated portable pumping machine for clearing water from low areas. A 35cc Honda four-stroke engine powers the 33 GPH pump, and the half-speed trigger lock keeps the machine pumping. The Portapump is self-priming, easy to transport and operate, and comes with a metal mesh sand screen and an extra 16 feet of heavy-duty hose.

Environmentally Friendly Hedge Trimming

The Stihl HSA 65 cordless hedge trimmer is powered by a 36-volt lithium-ion battery and features diamond-ground blade edges for cleaner cuts and high-cutting speeds. With zero-exhaust emissions and reduced noise, the unit is ideal for use in places such as interior landscaping properties, residential areas, public parks, roof gardens, hospitals and municipalities. The 20-inch blade length is a handy length for most applications and is easy to maneuver and control for sculpting and shaping, as well as general hedge trimming. The HSA 65 comes with an onboard hanging slot for storage and a tip protector helps prevent accidental contact.

Economical Solution, Professional Results

Finn Corporation’s T60 Series II HydroSeeder is available as a trailer-mounted model (T60T) or skid-mounted model (T60S) and is ideal for small and midsized hydroseeding applications.

Powered by a 25 hp Kohler Command gas engine with electric start, the unit includes a steel tank with 600-gallon liquid capacity and accommodates 1,550 pounds of granular solids or 200 to 250 pounds of fiber mulch. The T60 features reverse mechanical paddle agitation and liquid recirculation. A 65 GPM, direct-drive centrifugal pump with electric clutch allows the unit to discharge slurry up to 90 feet from the end of the hose, and it comes standard with a 12-volt electric hose reel and semi-rigid polybraid hose.

Simplified Irrigation System

Hunter Industries’ Pro-C Conventional (PCC) is now available prepackaged with the Solar Sync weather-based envirotranspiration (ET) system. Installation is simplified, as the Solar Sync module is prewired and mounted inside the PCC controller, so the Solar Sync sensor just needs to be affixed to the roof for on-site schedule adjustments.

Stand Up and Mow

Bradley Mowers is introducing its stand-on sulky mower. It is available in 36, 48, 52 and 60-inch cuts and has a compact design with an overall size of 6 feet. They are easy to maneuver and have good traction on the rear mower wheels.

Quietly Topdress with Turf Tender

Dakota’s 410 Electric Turf Tender topdresser utilizes a 48-volt, four-battery system that allows the user to spread over 50 loads of material on a single charge. No engine or hydraulics makes the unit operate virtually silent.

Compact, Whole Tree Chipper

Morbark, Inc. has added the compact 25/36 Whole Tree Chipper to its line of heavy-duty whole tree chippers. The Morbark 25/36 is ideal for those processing moderate volumes and is equipped with a 25-by-22-inch infeed opening and horsepower options ranging from 325 to 400 hp. Standard equipment includes the Morbark Integrated Control System, a diagnostic system that monitors hydraulic pressures, temperatures, clutch systems and engine efficiency while automatically adjusting to maximize performance. This compact whole tree chipper is easily moveable in the woods and requires no extra permits for transport.

Nozzles for Challenging Areas

Rain Bird’s SQ Series Nozzle makes it easy to tackle challenging spaces, such as small square and rectangular spaces. Featuring a spray pattern of 2.5 or 4 feet, the nozzles are designed specifically for small, narrow areas of turf and ornamental plantings like those found near walkways, parkways and street medians. Because the low-volume nozzles offer pressure compensation, they use less water and eliminate inefficient overspray. They are compatible with a wide range of other irrigation system components, including Rain Bird’s 1800 Series Sprays, Xeri-Pop Spray Heads, Polyflex Risers and Schedule 80 Risers.

Job-Tracking Technology

The V-Maxx Salt-Traxx digital job tracker from SnowEx helps document and evaluate salt spreading applications. It plugs into the existing controller on select SnowEx V-Maxx spreaders and records important data, such as the amount of salt used and time spent on each job.

The technology eliminates the need to write down information by hand on the jobsite, and gives snow and ice management professionals a new ability to evaluate their operations and maximize efficiency. The data helps for billing clients and deciding how much salt to purchase each season, as well as provides documentation for reducing liability in the event of a slip-and-fall claim

A Step Up in Safety

The Step n Tow swing-out step allows easy access to the pick-up bed or roof racks. It features a durable galvanized, powder-coated finish to the 18-inch, 90-degree swing-out non-skid rubber foot-step. Fits any standard 2-inch receiver.

Brush Cutting Safely

The Blue Diamond extreme-duty brush cutter has a new feature to help keep wire from doing damage under the deck. This new system spools wire and vines at a safe distance from the lower bearing. Other features include four blades and heavy-duty direct drive. This cutter gives a clean cut and cleans itself out well, leaving the debris well-distributed.

Pump Up the Soil

Patten Seed Co. has developed Soil3, which is made with all natural products and no human waste or municipal trash. It provides a natural solution to issues such as soil fertility, pH, compaction and organic makeup. It is a natural enhancement for any type of soil and can be used as a growing medium or soil amendment. Common uses include preparing soil for sodding and seeding, topdressing existing lawns, preparing beds for planting, mulching and as an organic fertility source for gardens. It also provides natural disease suppression.

On-the-Saw Sharpening System

Chain saw users now have the ability to sharpen dull chain in three to five seconds with the PowerSharp system, developed by Blount, Inc. under its Oregon brand. The PowerSharp system is portable and easy to use, and includes the chain, bar-mount sharpener and guide bar. Working together, these components provide a simple, and portable, method for sharpening saw chain with precision. Available in a variety of configurations and fits most saws on the market.

On the Cutting Edge

CEAttachments, Inc. has added the EDGE Oscillating Snow Push to its lineup of snow moving attachments. Designed to deliver optimal snow clearing performance while traveling along varying fluctuations in ground surface, it features a large, plated pin in the center of the push, along with four bolts, which allow it to oscillate up to 8 degrees. The floating side plates and frame links allow the weight of the pusher to be transferred onto the rubber edge, keeping the Snow Push in contact with the area being cleared. The reversible, replaceable rubber edge features 3 inches of wear per side.
They come in 84, 96 and 108-inch widths and are 40.8 inches high, allowing you to attach to any skid steer.