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Snow’s No Match for This Snowblower

The Reist 8000 Series, Triple-Auger snowblower has three discharge options. Through a unique rotating fan housing design, the operator can select to discharge through the chute or bypass the chute to discharge directly from the fan housing to either side.

Available in 9 and 10-foot widths, with custom widths available. Features a 50-inch-diameter fan with six blades, and 24-inch bottom auger and 14-inch middle and top auger.

Sensor System Saves Water

The UgMO ProHome works in conjunction with residential and small commercial irrigation systems to regulate watering based on optimum underground moisture levels. UgMO’s smart sensors are placed underground in each sprinkler zone to measure soil moisture and temperature at the root level up to six times an hour, 24 hours a day. These sensors wirelessly transmit data in real time on a zone-by-zone basis to an UgMO ProHome base station installed next to a new or existing irrigation clock. The base station determines when the grass and/or plantings have reached their optimum moisture level, and if the ground is sufficiently moist, the unit interrupts the sprinkler, turning it off before any water is wasted.

Plow With Ease

Turf Teq’s Model 1305PL Plow is 46 inches wide and is ideal for snow removal. The angle (left-right) can be adjusted from the operator position and its unique design allows the blade to oscillate or be locked into position. It features a spring-loaded trip release and a replaceable cutting edge while employing a fully hydrostatic transmission with forward/reverse and a 13 hp Honda engine. It can be converted into a Power Edger, Power Broom, Power Rake or Brush Cutter for all-season use.

New Ventrac Salt Spreader

The Ventrac SS575 salt spreader for the Ventrac 4000 series spreads material such as bagged rock salt and calcium flake. With the optional gate installed, the SS275 can also spread bagged ice melters and calcium pellets, and an optional vibrator kit also allows for bulk salt to be spread.

The spreader features a 5.75-cubic-foot hopper, which carries up to 460 pounds, and a see-through weather cover for the hopper. An electronic control box features an electronic speed control and on/off switch. A drop curtain is optional for spreading material in tight quarters.

Point and Click Online Property Measuring

Go iLawn has released a new version of its online property measuring service, which allows contractors to search, identify and measure properties with a few clicks of a mouse. Features of the online service include 100 percent coverage of the United States and Canada; point and click measuring tools; property measurements can be saved for use at a later date; measurements can be color-coded, labeled, copied and edited; and units of measure can be converted on the fly. Contractors have the ability to extract owner’s name, property value and other necessary information vital to provide an accurate bid.

Through Snow High and Far

The Boss Snowplow Poly Power-V XT Plow is a multiposition snowplow with a 37-inch flared blade wing. Available in two models, the 8-foot-2-inch XT and 9-foot-2-inch XT, the plow has a super-slick poly surface and easily maneuvers through tough snow conditions.

Safe Mowing

The newly designed FM60 flail mower is the newest product from Valley Tool & Mfg. Co., Inc., the parent company of RockHound Attachments and Vrisimo Equipment. Designed to operate in a variety of conditions on many compact power units, the mower weighs only 480 pounds and features 30 scoop knives or 58 dethatching knives. The PTO belt drive design is compact and runs smooth. Includes the Vrisimo square top cutter design for re-mulching and a rear adjustable roller with front caster wheels for increased height control and stability.

SnowEx Spreader for Off-Highway Ice Management

The SP-7000 Tow Pro spreader from SnowEx has a 1.4-cubic-yard capacity, tows behind tractors and UTVs with a lawn and garden hitch, and eliminates the need to mount a large spreader in the truck bed. The unit can handle all available materials for ice management, including sand, salt/ice melt or any combination in-between. The system includes a multi-angled hopper for enhancing material flow to the spreader’s inverted-V baffle auger, which then delivers material to a precise spot on the spinner. It also contains an integrated vibrator to reduce clumping and promote consistent feeding.

With an 18-inch, stainless-steel spinner, the unit is capable of spreading material up to 30 feet wide. For maximum control of the spread pattern, the spinner can be tilted zero to 15 degrees downward.

Augers for Tough Drilling Projects

General Equipment Company’s line of TCT Series augers work with the company’s full line of DIG-R-TACH hydraulic earth auger attachments, as well as competitive models. The TCT Series comes in 36, 48 and 60-inch digging depths, and 6 to 36-inch diameters. For maximum compatibility, all models are available with 2-inch-round, 2-9/16-inch-round and 2-inch-hexagonal auger drive connections, allowing them to attach to popular models of skid loaders, mini-excavators and tractor/loader/backhoes. The augers feature boring heads cast from alloy steel, and the bits are manufactured from conical tungsten carbide.

Haul Your Equipment in Style

Featherlite’s open car hauler Model 3112 is a gooseneck version of the popular Model 3110 bumper pull trailer, and can haul anything from cars to skid loaders to landscaping equipment and more. Available in 20, 24, 26 and 30-foot lengths and measuring 8 feet 6 inches wide, it has two 7-foot-long ramps that store underneath the trailer, and is equipped with stainless steel swivel “D” tie downs for securing cargo. The rear of the trailer has sleek and highly visible LED lights.

Optional features include the skid loader package, full width fold-up rear ramp, aluminum tool box, winch with remote control and recessed tire storage.

Three Tailgates in One

The High ‘N Slide Multi-Function Tailgate offers traditional dump-through, sliding and high-lift functionality in a single tailgate. From Crysteel Manufacturing, Inc., it has been introduced as part of the Select Dump Body program, which allows end users to design a custom dump body.

Through a simple mechanical adjustment, the tailgate switches from high-lift, with 21 inches of clearance, to sliding mode. Traditional dumpthrough is always available.

The high-lift mode is ideal for emptying large bulky items without damaging the tailgate, or for brush removal without having to lay down the tailgate. In sliding configuration, the tailgate allows users to control the metering of salt, sand, pea gravel and other materials, and provides easy access to mulch, etc., without raising the dump body when shovel loads are required.

Sod Cutter for Tight Spaces

The Kiscutter Sod Cutter is lightweight and features four-wheel design, pneumatic tires and rear-wheel drive. Manufactured by Turfco, it is powered by a 5.5 hp Honda engine and can cut up to 150 feet per minute. Ideal for cutting out sod in tight spaces, and cutting out dead areas and flower beds.

Coxreels Expands Capabilities of SG Series

Coxreels has expanded the capabilities of its spring-retractable Side Mount Series of reels, adding a multiposition guide arm for maximum and convenient hose control. The SG Series features a simple two-bolt mounting pattern for easy installation on vertical flat surfaces and is ideal for tight spaces. The outfitted guide arm and roller assembly are easily moved to one of six positions with a standard .5-inch wrench, and the new “side-mount” reels handle up to 50 feet of .25, 3/8 and .5-inch hose I.D. for low, medium and high-pressure uses.

Little, But Mighty, Debris Loader

Little Wonder has expanded its debris loader line with the 14 hp Shredding TruckLoader. Ideal for one-man operation, it is made of durable composite and polyethylene materials that are lighter than steel, and lessen the unit weight without sacrificing strength. It features two liners that protect both the housing and the discharge chute from wear. The 7-inch-diameter discharge chute is molded to cradle a special rubber compound liner while the 12-gauge steel housing is lined with a noise-absorbing conveyor belt material. The unit is powered by a 14 hp Subaru EX 40 engine and features a five-blade, 14-inch-diameter, S-curved impeller. Comes complete with a skid mount base that also fits an assortment of mounting options.