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Source: www.TurfMagazine.com

Easy Debris Clean-up

John Deere has added two debris blowers and a series of loader-mounted rotary brooms to its line of Frontier products.

The Frontier Model BL1130 three-point hitch debris blower is compatible with 25 hp and larger tractors with three-point Category 1 and Category 2 hitches. It is designed to move light debris such as leaves, clippings and straw. The BL1130 blower is driven by a 540 RPM power take-off that provides up to 141 mph maximum air velocity and 6,000 cubic feet per minute air flow.

The Frontier SW21 Series of loader-mount hydraulic rotary brooms is ideal for sweeping dirt, snow and debris. The brooms come in 60, 72 and 84-inch widths and feature a 32-inch-diameter poly-bristle brush with operating speeds of 160 to 200 RPM, depending on the model. The angle of the brooms can be adjusted from zero to 23 degrees left or right to windrow material from the surface. Optional features of the brooms include a dust suppression system with a 60-gallon water tank and spray nozzles positioned in front of the broom, and a pair of gauge wheels.

Clamp-On Blades for Compact Tractor Loaders

Earth & Turf Products’ Clamp-On Snow Blades for compact tractor loaders give any compact loader additional versatility. The design makes them easy to install and remove, and no bucket alterations are necessary; nor will they damage buckets, if properly installed.

The snow blades feature a manual angle (30 degrees left and right); double-spring protective trip with lock-out pin for light grading; and bolt-on, replaceable edges.

The SC Series Blades fit compact tractors 35 hp or under, and are available in 60 and 75-inch widths. The C Series Blade is ideal for compact tractors 36 to 50 hp, and comes in a 90-inch width.

Tough on Brush

Canycom USA’s CMX224 AWD ride-on brush cutter is powered by a 22 hp Subaru engine, turns at a 75-degree angle to maneuver around tight spots and is built super low to the ground for cutting under low-hanging branches and trellises. It features a quick-change swing-away blade design, requiring no tools to change blades. The adjustable blade cuts to trim as high as 7 inches and the blade height lever allows for precise control for optimal performance on uneven terrain.

Go Where Metal Blades Can’t

Poly Edger Blades from Cutting Edge Poly LLC are designed to provide edges to fragile materials, such as aggregate walkways, pavers, cemetery stones, aluminum edging, etc., and have been engineered not to break or shatter. Poly blades provide a wider edge than metal, reducing the frequency of edging, and will reduce the amount of string trimming.

Get Organized

The Lista Shelf Converter System transforms traditional shelf storage into a high-density drawer storage solution that uses the full cubic capacity of existing storage space. From Lista International Corp., the system consists of modular Lista drawers set into a frame that fit a number of standard shelving brands, and allows customers to store small to medium-sized items in drawers or on roll-out trays, and larger, bulky items on shelves. It is easily expandable as storage needs change. Lista’s drawers hold up to 440 pounds per drawer, even when fully extended.

Blow and Edge in One Pass

Buffalo Turbine’s EDGE-N-BLOW has applications for front-mount buckets, RTVs, gators, three-point hitch units and skid steers. It can be reversed to the other side in just minutes to handle medians, and combines with a powerful turbine blower to get the job done in one pass by one worker.

Wireless Utility Spreaders

The SR-110 and SR-210 utility spreaders from SnowEx are equipped with wireless controls, eliminating the need to route an electrical harness to the cap and allow simple plug-and-play operation. Both models attach to a variety of vehicles, including pickups, SUVs, cars, utility vehicles and ATVs. Both models feature a 3-cubic-foot capacity hopper, and the pocket-sized wireless remote controls the rate of the two-speed spinner and toggles the electric motor on and off. The SR-210 spreads up to a 25-foot range and the features a vertical high-flow auger that works in the conjunction with the spinner and allows the unit to spread bulk materials, such as bagged rock salt or calcium flakes. The SR-110 spreads material up to a 20-foot range and uses a gate feed system, allowing it to handle small calcium chloride pellets or bagged ice melters. The SR-110 includes a cable to open and close the gate from the cab.

Change with the Weather

Pro-Tech’s Switchblade has the ability to switch between a rubber edge and steel-trip edge, and can handle changing weather and job site conditions without having to change plows. A total of 12 models are available for attaching to any make of loader, backhoe or skid steer.

Make-Your-Own Marketing Materials

Quark’s new online service, QuarkPromote.com, helps small businesses create their own high-quality, professional marketing materials that can be picked up at a nearby printer or received by mail in just a few days. The service allows people with no previous design or printing experience to customize professionally designed templates for business cards, postcards, flyers, brochures, appointment cards, coupons, letterhead and envelopes.