New and Improved

Turfco has redesigned the T3000 spreader and sprayer. The new model maintains the overall compact design that can fit through a 36-inch gate while still offering 6 and 9-foot stpreading widths. There is an optional electric start, as well as a 16-amp charging system for versatility in mounting accessories, and cruise control to help maintain speed while freeing the operator’s hands to control spreading and spraying. A new variable speed diaphragm pump features Viton valves and the adjustable, high-pressure, high-velocity system creates larger droplets for less drift. An improved spinner design is longer lasting and easier to maintain.

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A Chip Off the Ol’ Block

The ECHO Bear Cat CH8720iH comes with a range of features, including an 8-inch chipping capacity; 9-by-9-inch feed opening; integrated discharge blower; four reversible, heat-treated steel chipper blades; and swing-away cover for easy access to belts and hydraulic systems. The unit is powered by a Subaru electronic fuel-injected engine, and has a turntable design that allows the operator to turn the feed hopper closer to the material or away from hazards. This model is equipped with ECHO Bear Cat’s Smart Feed System, which speeds up the job by automatically feeding and adjusting the feed rate without operator intervention.

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Extra Power

Next Generation Power’s DC Power Units come in 12, 24 and 48-volt configurations, and are powered by a Kubota diesel engine, available in 2-cylinder/12 hp or 3-cylinder/18 hp models. The units rapidly charge batteries during peak demand times and are especially efficient at regenerating large battery banks. They run at mid-speed 2,800 RPM and use an advanced, self-tensioning belt to minimize vibration and wear and tear. Measuring approximately 24 inches long by 20 inches wide by 22 inches high, the power units are offered with options such as a remote or mounted radiator and extended sump oil pans. An automatic start/stop panel, safety shutdown, and oil pressure and water temperature gauges all come standard.

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Need an Extra Hand?

Al-Vac Vacuum Lifters from Terra Safe Products are for use in lifting concrete pavers, curb and other semi-porous and non-porous material. The Handyman Super and Mantis models are battery-operated and capable of lifting 352 pounds. The units are equipped with battery-saving automatic start/stop function.

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Wind it Up

Reelcraft’s expanded Series 30000 line includes cable storage reels and live power cord to keep expensive electrical cord off the ground and out of harm’s way. Designed to handle long lengths of 10/3, 12/3 and 16/3 cable, the reels are available in bevel-crank, hand-crank or electric-motor driven rewind.

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Take Control!

Rain Bird’s IQ v2.0 Central Control System makes it possible to efficiently manage challenges such as water restrictions and liability concerns, as well as time and budgetary constraints, and allows end users to create their own customized solutions. Comprised of four basic components – the central computer, IQ v2.0 software, one or more on-site controllers, and a network communications cartridge – the control system can be configured using direct satellites, server satellite and client satellites. Each system can use one satellite type or a combination of satellite types. Built-in control is available for up to five satellites, however the central control system’s capacity can be expanded in five-satellite increments to meet larger system requirements.

Smooth Seeding

Redexim North America, Inc. has introduced two new models of their popular dimpled seeder, the SpeedSeed 2100 and 2400. These models have been completely redesigned, and are equipped with individual cast spiker rings, which enable the operator to make turns while in operation. The V-shaped spikes produce holes that funnel the randomly dispersed seed, concentrating them at the proper depth for best germination. The new high-volume seed box utilizes a proven roller design with quick-change gears, allowing the machine an infinite range of feed rates with all types of seed, from very large to very small seed types. Finishing up is a large smooth-roller, which can be optionally equipped with a second set of spiker rings, followed by a rear brush. Both models feature operating speeds up to 7.5 mph.

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Kubota Expands Zero-Turn Mower Line

Kubota’s ZG332 zero-turn mower features a 32.5 hp liquid-cooled gas engine, hydrostatic transmission and Pro Commercial mower deck with 60 or 72-inch deck. It also offers dual fuel tanks for nearly 13 gallons of fuel capacity. For operator comfort, the mower has a full-flat operator platform with features such as hands-free parking brake and hands-free hydraulic deck lift, as well as trouble-free mower, HST and engine access to easily check fluids and grease zerks.

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Software For Solutions

Eagle Point Software has released the 2012 versions of Siteworks for Revit and LADNCADD for Revit. Updates of these solutions take advantage of new functionality in Autodesk Revit 2012 software, supporting a more complete building information modeling (BIM) workflow.

Siteworks enables architects, designers and planners to shape the terrain for their sites using grading tools to model pads, parking lots, streets, sidewalks and retaining walls all within the Revit environment. It is intended to help professionals convey preliminary design intent about the site within the REvit model.

LANDSCADD allows architects and designers to improve team collaboration by providing functionality to lay out and model the landscape components of a project.

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Diversify Your Mower

The MowerBoss from JAG Concepts, LLC is a universal accessory attachment platform for riding lawn mowers that expands the use of riding mowers as an herbicide sprayer, fertilizer spreader and a hauler. The universal design fits a variety of mowers and works with most pull-behind attachments. It has a quick-connect feature and retractable platform. Optional spray boom available.

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Drag It Out

The Heavy-Duty Rubber Drag Mat from Earth & Turf Products, LLC is ideal for breaking up debris after core aeration and leaving areas level after topdressing. Mats measure 6-by-6 feet and .75-inch thick, and are made of heavy-duty, thick, recycled rubber. Durable, long-lasting hitch system sandwiches between two heavy steel plates, and the total weight of each mat is 133 pounds.

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Municipal Mowing

Land Pride FM21 Series Flail Mowers are for schools and other recreational areas where people may be present. They feature 1-inch cutting capacity, .75 to 4-inch cutting height, duck-foot-type knives for an even cut, and a two-position hitch for offsetting the mower, which enables closer cutting along buildings, fences or roadsides.

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New Multipurpose Tank Sizes

Flambeau Fluid Systems Division has added a .5-quart and .75-quart tank to its multipurpose tank product offerings. These two sizes fill the gap between existing .25 and 1-quart sizes.

Prominent applications include oil reservoirs, hydraulic oil expansion tanks, coolant recovery, hydrogen generation applications, and specialty fluid and coolants for unique equipment. The tanks are produced in HDPE with UV protection and are designed to accept most fitting types and sizes offered. Fittings and components are welded and assembled onto the tanks to customer specifications. The necks of the tanks accept Flambeau Fluids’ 1 5/8-inch cap series, and pad print and screen print graphics can be easily incorporated into the tank assembly.

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Easy Rider

Cub Cadet Commercial’s TANK L zero-turn riding mower features a sloped-nose deck, suspension seat with elasticity vibration control (EVC) fabric and commercial drivetrain. The mower comes with a Kohler Command V-Twin OHV engine with either 25 or 27 hp, and the cutting deck is available in either 48 or 60 inches.

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High-Quality, Affordable Compact Tractor

Kioti Tractor has added the DS3510 34 hp compact utility tractor to its product line. The unit is powered by a Daedong diesel engine plus a constant-mesh shuttle transmission with eight forward and eight reverse gears. It offers four-wheel drive, power steering, wet disc brakes, rear differential lock, a comfortable and adjustable seat, foldable ROPS, seat belts, and a choice of ag, turf or industrial tires.

A 27.6 PTO hp and heavy-duty three-point hitch enable a full array of implements and attachments. The hitch itself can comfortably and safely lift up to 2,238 pounds at a point 24 inches aft of the hitch.

Available options include front and rear counter-balancing weights, a canopy and single remote hydraulic valve, as well as variable range of implements and attachments.

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New Brush Cutters for Heavy Clearing Jobs

Powered by a low-emission engine, the Stihl FS 360 C-E and FS 460 C-EM brush cutters are ideal for cutting wild growth, woody scrub and bushes.

The FS460 C-EM features the Stihl M-Tronic system, which is designed to manage the engine to deliver optimum power at all times. The engine automatically adjusts to changes in elevation, temperature and air filter cleanliness, eliminating the need for manual carburetor adjustments. It also compensates for fuel quality and varying octane levels, and its memory function automatically restores to the previous settings when subsequent conditions have not changed.

Both models feature a 25.4-ounce translucent fuel tank and the Easy2Start system. The four-point anti-vibration system allows for optimal control and helps reduce operator fatigue.

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Pro-Turn Mowers Now Come with Closed Loop-EFI Engines

The Gravely Pro-Turn 200 XDZ series of commercial zero-turn mowers are now available with a Kohler 29 hp Closed Loop-Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) engine, enhancing the 252 and 260 mowers’ performance and efficiency.

Kohler’s EFI engine uses an oxygen sensor to provide continuous combustion feedback, which monitors and adjusts engine operating parameters to guarantee optimal performance and best fuel consumption. The engine also features a feedback information system, which includes software that assists in troubleshooting and provides data on engine operating parameters for the life of the engine. The electronic control unit maintains an internal log of operating conditions, total hours, oil temperatures and detailed load diagnostics.

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Protect Your Engines from Ethanol

STA-BIL’s Ethanol Treatment and Performance Improver is designed specficially for gas vehicles and small engines to protect against the effects of ethanol-blended fuels. It aids in protecting equipment by preventing corrosion; helping to remove water from fuel; and cleaning fuel injectors, carburetors and intake valves to keep engines running smoothly. It is designed to be used with every fill up and is available in a 10-ounce bottle for car and truck owners, and a 4-ounce bottle for small gasoline engine equipment.

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Load ‘Em Up

Westendorf’s WL-27 loaders now fit more New Holland tractors. The loaders feature a lift capacity of 3,100 pounds and an added lift height to 12 feet. Other features include a 72-inch tapered bucket, standard Snap-Attach system, tractor hoses and mounting brackets, manifold kit, low-profile design and has a complete line of material handling attachments. Fits TA-26, TA-26 Plus, TA-2612, TA-28 Plus, TA-29, WL-21 and WL-27 models.

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