Troubleshoot 2-Wire Systems

Armada Technologies’ Pro93 True RMS AC Leakage Clamp Multimeter with milliamp current capability was designed in conjunction with national 2-wire entities to meet specific requirements for 2-wire troubleshooting as part of an overall troubleshooting suite of testers for identifying and locating malfunctions in the system’s physical plant. The Pro93 provides a measured and accurate capability to help track and locate wire faults using true RMS technology to accurately identify 2-wire milliamp current.

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Keep Pruners Clean

The EZ-Cut Pruner Treatment from Novel Wares, Inc. is a nontoxic, lemon-scented fluid to be sprayed on pruning saws and shears. In one step, it lubricates, prevents rust, disinfects and cleans pruners without abrasion. Helps tools cut better and last longer.

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Knock-Out Those Weeds

Turf Revolution’s Weed Knock-Out is a ready-to-use liquid herbicide for nonselective weed control. Using 7 percent acetic acid as the active ingredient, which is lethal to plants by drawing the moisture out of the leaves, it leaves no harmful residue on the soil. It is fast-acting, shriveling up weeds within a day of application.

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Propane-Powered Pro-Master

The Gravely Pro-Master XDZ 260H LP propane-powered mower from Ariens Co. has a 60-inch cutting width and features a 28 hp Generac air-cooled vertical twin engine with heavy-duty air cleaner, and uses twin 33.5-pound LP tanks.

The unit also features a welded 7-gauge steel frame with .25 spindle reinforcement and 250-foot-pound Ogura electric clutch, 1 to 5-inch cutting heights in increments of .34-inch increments, and a high-back seat with full suspensions. For increased operator safety, a foldable ROPS is standard equipment, and the 260H LP is 2010 carburetor compliant.

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Take Charge of the Snow

The SDX-117 Snow Blower from Schulte Industries incorporates a 38-inch, five-paddle, open-center cupped-style fan that improves performance. The fan is held in place by a 2-inch tapered splined shaft. A size 8 Bondioli power shaft is included with shear pin protection to power the blower, and a heavily reinforced 23-inch bottom auger with formed struts ensures that hard chunks of snow and ice are fed into the fan with ease. A 300-degree rotating chute design includes a UHMW bearing area to reduce freeze up of the chute. The unit also features an improved double deflector design to reduce blowback when the chute deflector is placed in the down position, and a hydraulic cylinder for adjusting the chute deflector is standard.

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Weed Wiper

The Precision Red Weeder TD is a weed wiper that puts herbicide or organic vinegar directly on weeds you want to kill. From Smucker Mfg., the Red Weeder allows you to control weeds, even on a windy day when you normally couldn’t spray. The wicking system is user-friendly and trouble-free.

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Topdress Multiple Areas Easily

The Turfco CR-7 topdresser and material handler utilizes Turfco’s patented WideSpin technology, which gives operators the most accurate spread from light to heavy, and patterns as wide as 40 feet, making it easy to topdress multiple areas. An adjustable spinner angle allows operators to drive topdressing into the turf for better integration with a total range of 26 degrees up and down. The CR-7 has a 1.8-cubic-yard capacity, self-cleaning galvanized hopper that can be quickly unloaded, and an optional rear-mounted cross-conveyor with a 180-degree swivel, allowing easy access to tighter areas. With a four-wheel walking high-beam suspension, the unit handles 7 gallons per minute flow of almost any type of wet or dry material, including sand, lime, compost, stone, wood chips, soil conditioners, grass clippings and more.

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Improve Spray Coverage and Uniformity

The TDAD TurboDrop Asymmetric Dual Nozzle from Greenleaf Technologies is ideal for spraying on uneven ground, or if you cannot keep your boom at the ideal spray height all the time. The dual fans are oriented 10 degrees forward and 50 degrees backwards to improve pattern distribution as the spray boom moves anywhere from 12 to 22 inches above the turf. The air-filled droplets resist drift due to their uniform size.

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New Rain Bird STP Plus

Rain Bird has enhanced the STPi residential controller, now known as the STP Plus, to address homeowners’ needs to have an affordable and simple-to-use controller and contractors’ needs to have ones that are easy to install, as well as offering a full range of flexible features. The controller comes in four-zone, six-zone and nine-zone models, offering independent programs for every zone for more versatile irrigation control. New user-adjustable intervals for the second, third and fourth watering start times on a zone offer greater flexibility to users that want to run additional cycles for shorter periods of time.

Icon-based “At-a-Glance” programming makes it possible for anyone, even people that do not speak English, to set irrigation schedules without looking at a manual or requiring professional assistance. The back-up battery operation now saves the controller’s time and date for up to one week in the event of a power outage.

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Stainless Steel Spreader

The SP-85SS walk-behind broadcast spreader comes with a stainless steel frame, which helps eliminate rust issues on the frame, while the hopper is protected by polyethylene construction. Manufactured by SnowEx, the unit has a 160-pound capacity and is capable of spreading bagged rock salt and palletized material. For enhanced material flow, the spreader contains a single-slot port design and extra wide throat opening. It also comes with a 10-inch plastic spinner and adjustable deflectors, allowing the SP-85SS to spread material up to 20 feet wide.

Other standard features include a top screen to keep out large chunks of material, a clear poly cover to prevent foreign materials from entering the hopper, and 13-inch pneumatic tires to push easily over snow and ice.

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Doctor Up Your Soil

Outsidepride’s Soil Doctor aerates soil, dethatches, conditions and fertilizes all at once. It improves soil health in general and allows soil to retain more water, and increases earthworm population, which is nature’s aerator.

The polymer-based liquid (made of polymaleic anhydride terpolymer and maleic anhydrided sulfonated copolymer) also has humic acids, kelp, nonpathogenic thatch-eating microbes, as well as amino acids.

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Prepare for Planting

The RTA12 and RTR12 series rotary tillers from Land Pride till soil for planting preparation. They are adapted for 15 to 50 hp tractors with Category I three-point hitch mounting, 540 RPM PTO speed and are Quick-Hitch adaptable. The reverse-rotation tillers (RTR12 series) tend to achieve greater depth penetration, resulting in moving and pulverizing more soil as well as burying more of the residue in the soil. They are available in 50, 58, 66 and 74-inch models. The RTA12 Series is available in 42, 50, 58, 66 and 74-inch models.

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Go iLawn Enhances Property Measuring Tools

The improved Go iLawn measuring tools allow contractors to measure properties faster than before, whether they are in the office or in the field. A new measurement grouping feature gives users the ability to categorize measurements by type of surface, such as turf, mulch, asphalt, sidewalks, edging, concrete, etc. Also, users can undo while measuring, as well as copy, paste and edit completed measurements. Predefined shapes and freehand drawing tool have also been added so users can quickly define common property features.

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Sno Blowers for Skid Steers

Pro-Tech’s two new Sno Blower skid steer attachments are ideal for moving large amounts of snow, especially when stacking or piling is not an option. The BL72S (74.5 inches wide by 38.5 inches high) and BL78S (38.5 inches high by 80.5 inches wide) both feature a 20-inch fan diameter, 14-inch auger diameter and a maximum throwing distance of 40 feet. Thanks to universal coupler mounts, they easily attach to skid steers from all major manufacturers.

Standard features include direct-drive hydraulic motors, 270-degree hydraulic chute rotation and mechanical deflector controls, as well as adjustable velocity control plates, for accommodating varying snow moisture levels, and steel cutting edges for making clean passes. Options include an electric control kit, which allows the operator to control various functions from the operator’s seat.

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