Cutting-EDGE Snowblowers

CEAttachments’ EDGE Snowblowers for skid steer loaders have been redesigned with improved features for advanced performance and serviceability.

The Standard and High-Flow snowblowers now feature a hydraulic motor, which delivers increased torque in the 280-degree chute rotating function, and cylinder for controlling the chute rotation and deflector angle. Other new features include the auger paddle design, which has been modified for more efficient transfer of snow to the fan, and a bolt-on fan cover has been added for easy serviceability.

Environmental coils have replaced solenoids, and the hydraulic fittings have been upgraded from JIC to face-seal, providing a leaf-free design to handle higher pressures. The snowblowers also feature red safety tape on the back of the unit and a storage tube to keep instruction manuals dry and within reach.

The EDGE Snowblowers throw snow up to 45 feet and are available in standard and high-flow models, ranging in size from 48 inches for narrow paths to 96 inches for larger areas.

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Clamp-On Forks For Compact Loaders

Earth & Turf’s Economy 800-pound-capacity Clamp-On Forks are ideal for compact tractor loaders. The design of the forks makes them easy to install and remove, no bucket alterations are necessary, and they will not damage buckets if properly installed. Tine length is 32 inches and they weigh 70 pounds per pair.

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New Tool for Turf

The Turf Stripper 2000 from Redexim North America can mow, level, dethatch and renovate turf areas using a rotary action that removes material and deflects it onto a conveyor to be carried away. It is equipped with custom blades that allow the machine to be adjusted in small increments. An optional verti-cut blade can be installed in place of the standard blades.

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Clear Up Diseases with Clearscape

Clearscape turf and ornamental fungicide containing the active ingredient tebuconazole is the latest addition to the SipcamAdvan product line.

Clearscape offers several key benefits, including rapid plant uptake, preventative and curative disease control, low use rate, application flexibility and delayed resistance development. It is ideal as a tank mix and fungicide rotation partner.

The fungicide controls anthracnose, dollar spot, brown patch, pink and gray snow mold, gray leaf spot and other diseases on turf. On ornamentals, it can control southern blight, leaf spot, anthracnose, scab, powdery mildew and more.

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Honda’s Hybrid Snowblower

Honda Power Equipment’s HS1336i snowblower, is a hybrid design that combines a gasoline engine that simultaneously drives the snowblower auger/fan apparatus and charges the battery, with the electric motors (two in parallel) controlling the track drive forward propulsion.

Equipped with the Honda iGX390 four-stroke engine, the operation of the snowblower results in lower fuel consumption and lower emissions. The all-new hybrid model also has superior control and ease-of-use; powerful operation and snow throwing; lower noise and vibration; reliable operation; and enhanced technology.

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New, Smaller Size for Safari

Safari Insecticide from Valent Professional Products is now available in a 12-ounce container. The new package size is for lawn care operators and other professionals who need smaller packages to protect trees, shrubs and other ornamental plants from pests.

When mixed with 1 gallon of water and applied as a basal trunk spray, one 12-ounce container will typically treat five to seven trees that measure 12 inches in diameter at breast height.

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Spreading to the Maxx

The V-Maxx 8550 High-Output Spreader from SnowEx offers a 2-cubic-yard hopper capacity and a new transmission with a gear ratio of 40:1. The unit spreads 295 to 680 pounds of material per minute and comes with a multiangle hopper, an inverted-“V” baffle and an attached vibrator. The hopper is made from corrosion-resistant polyethylene, and there are no engines, pulleys, sprockets, belts or chains to maintain. The unit is completely electric-powered with a high-torque, .5 hp motor.

The V-Maxx 8550 is controlled by an independent-speed controller, and the separate spinner and auger speed settings can adjust the spread width from 6 to 40 feet. A digital system LED display with status monitoring and system protection is standard.

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Take Care of Thatch – Gently

Classen has expanded its turf rake line with spring-tine models, including the TR-20RH (with Honda GX160 engine).

The TR-20R is ideal for areas where flail reel or slicer blade reels are too aggressive. It is a versatile and portable lawn dethatcher that easily converts to a vertical slicer or seeder in minutes; features folding handles for easy storage and transport; and offers a five-position blade height adjustment.

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Bayer Announces New Armada Formulation

Armada fungicide from Environmental Science, a business unit of Bayer CropScience LP, has changed from a wettable powder in a water soluble packaging to a water dispersible granule. This will make it easy to measure and use in a backpack application or large mixing tank, and it is prescribed at a new higher rate of 1.5 ounce per 1,000 square feet.

Armada 50 WDG contains the active ingredients Triadimefon and Trifloxystrobin, and provides a broad spectrum of activity against most turf and ornamental diseases of concern in northern and southern climates. With its dual mode of action, it combines the power of systemic and local penetrant fungicides. It is also labeled for plant health benefits after sod laying that enhances leaf greenness and density in warm-season turfgrass.

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Aerate Like a Pro

Precision Welding’s ProAerator commercial series of aerators are available in four models with sizes from 39 to 102-inch working widths. The units come complete with closed-spoon (core) tines or slicing blades, which are independently mounted for easier turning and minimal turf damage. Mounted on a 1-inch steel shaft, tines are made of temper-hardened steel and have oil impregnated Teflon-coated tine bearings with grease fittings for ease of maintenance and extended life. A water tank for weight is optional. Available with tow-behind draw bar or Category 1, three-point hitches. An optional tow-behind kit is available for use with ATVs.

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