A Cut Above

Seago is offering the Rotarola rear roller rotary mower from Masport. It features a 20-inch aluminum deck with single-handle height-of-cut adjustment (.5 to 2.75 inches), and delivers a sharp, clean stripe, yet has the low cost and easy maintenance of a rotary. A Briggs and Stratton 850 Pro series engine powers this self-propelled mower.

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Keep Fuel Fresh

A fuel preservative developed by Briggs & Stratton Corporation provides a solution to fend off the potentially damaging effects of ethanol-blended fuels while keeping fuel fresh for up to three years. The Advanced Formula Fuel Treatment & Stabilizer protects any gas engine, including two-cycle engines, such as string trimmers and chain saws.

It combines a “triple antioxidant” formula with additional ingredients to protect the entire fuel system, fighting the harmful effects of water separation. Corrosion inhibitors form a protective barrier on metal parts to prevent rust and corrosion, while detergent ingredients help prevent gum and varnish build-up on engine parts. A metal deactivator helps stop the aggressive chemical reactions caused by dissolved metal ions in the fuel.

The Advanced Formula Fuel Treatment & Stabilizer is available in a .5-ounce pouch and 4, 8 and 16-ounce plastic bottles.

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Fine Grooming

Land Pride’s FDR3690 Rear-Discharge Grooming Mower is for commercial use with a 90-inch cutting width and six free-swinging medium-lift blades. The rear discharge keeps clippings off landscape areas and directs them and other debris towards the ground. Blade tip speed is 16,500 fpm.

The unit is designed with a durable 3/16-inch deck, four 13-inch semi-solid tires, a Double-V Powerband belt, and an optional front-roller. The drive line is a Category 4 with quick-coupler, and the hitch is a floating three-point, Category 1 and is quick-hitch compatible. The tapered deck allows users to get closet to trees or other obstacles and the medium-lift blades produce a finely-groomed lawn.

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Big Things Come in Small Packages

The AccuSpeed Walk Boom from Broyhill was the original Spray Hawk unit designed over 40 years ago. The units now come in a smaller package and feature spoked wheels that provide a lighter weight for ease of use. Also, electronics have been updated and are easy to calibrate. Calibration is computed and set at the factory.

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Green Mowing

The Mean Green WBX-33 electric walk-behind mower can mow over 1 acre on a single charge and features an easy, one-click start. Easy fingertip variable speed control up to 5 mph forward and 2.5 mph in reverse. Auto-shutdown of mowing blades before batteries are depleted allows plenty of power to get to charging area and there are zero emissions.

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Emission-Compliant Engines

Kohler’s KDI Tier 4 emission-compliant diesel engine line features a direct-injection system utilizing pressures at 2,000 bar and an electronic control unit with fuel mapping program to monitor and manage the engine’s power output. The engine has an efficient turbot charger, and four-valve cylinder head with special combustion chamber design, as well as cooled, electronic exhaust gas recirculation and diesel oxygenated catalyst. The components of the engine work together to make the engine Tier 4 compliant without the use of a diesel particulate filter.

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The All-New 500

The Avalanche 500 plow has a floating hitch, which features an adjustable float up to 10 inches up, 10 inches down, and 2-foot sectional steel trip sections (on skid steer and backhoe models) with multiple sections on the loader model. The plow features self-leveling wear shoes and is also available with a rubber edge.

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Keep Your Tools Close

ToolPak’s ToolVest features 20 easy-to-reach pockets, six that are flap-covered and 14 that are quick-access, and four quick-release buckle adjust points for a perfect fit. A large rear pocket is accessible from both sides, and the vest zips on and off like a jacket. The vest frame is made from rugged, breathable mesh for superior circulation, and the panels are made from 100 denier Dupont Cordura. The fluorescent panels work like a safety vest, and the reflective stripes on the front and the back add to night safety.

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Wind You Up

Hannay Reels’ 6000 Series power or manual rewind reel is constructed with materials and finish that can stand up to abuse from corrosive fertilizers, pesticides and other hazardous materials. Equipped with a manual gear-driven crank rewind or a chain and sprocket drive with hydraulic, electric or compressed air motor, this reel handles long lengths of hose payed out over extensive areas.

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A Sure Way to Control Weeds

ArmorTech SureZone Turf Herbicide from United Turf Alliance contains four active ingredients, including the protox inhibitor sulfentrazone. The other active ingredients are 2,4-D, MCPP and dicamba. It is a water-based formula that is labeled for use on most cool- and warm-season grasses, with the exception of St. Augustine, and controls a long list of broadleaf weeds, including many tough species. SureZone can be applied at temperatures up to 90 degrees Fahrenheit, is rainfast within six hours, and allows reseeding in three weeks.

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Store Your Stuff

Highway Products, Inc. offers toolboxes for four-wheelers, ATVs, UTVs and more. Built to use with just about any kind of machine, the ATV box gives you a lockable space that holds a lot of stuff. It’s made of rugged, diamond-plate aluminum with the same security Tee-Lock the company uses on their semi-truck toolboxes.

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The New Way to Remove Snow

Paladin Construction Group’s FFC V-Blade attaches to skid steers and compact wheel loaders up to operating weights of 13,200 pounds. It easily adjusts to achieve straight, left/right, scoop or V-position, and comes in blade widths of 60 to 120 inches. It is available with a Hydraulic Sequencing Valve or Paladin’s exclusive Electro-Hydraulic System, which improves blade control and independent blade function.

The FFC V-Blade offers a reversible cutting edge to deliver greater wear life, and fully adjustable skid shoes allow the user to match operations to varying job conditions, while top and side pinch guards increase safety and keep the pivot area free of debris. The design also incorporates a robust central ball joint that allows for improved multi-axial movement.

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Make the Grade

The Grading Plane for small compact tractors from Earth & Turf Products, LLC, features a 60-inch grading width and a dual, angled blade for smooth leveling. It weighs 280 pounds and is compatible with small compact tractors 35 hp and under. Other features include bolt-on, reversible cutting edges and Category I three-point hitch.

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Stay in Control … of Weeds

Dow AgroSciences’ SNAPSHOT DG specialty herbicide can be used in ornamental landscape beds and on field- and container-grown nursery ornamentals, and feature a dispersible granule that quickly disperses to deliver the active ingredient into the soil profile to control tough weeds.

Available in 25-pound bags, the DG formulation utilizes The Andersons, Inc. patented DGlite formulation and offers great flowability and easy spreading. Each granule is made up of thousands of subparticles that break apart with as little as 0.2 inches of moisture.

SNAPSHOT is a selective, preemergent herbicide that is effective on more than 125 broadleaf and grassy weeds.

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Gaining Headway in Disease Control

Syngenta’s newest addition to its granular product portfolio, Headway G fungicide, delivers the effectiveness of a spray with the convenience of a granular product, which allows for application even when wind conditions prohibit spraying or soft ground won’t allow a heavy sprayer to be used.

Registered by the U.S. EPA for use on residential and commercial lawns, Headway G features the DG-Lite carrier, and controls more than 20 turf diseases, including dollar spot, brown patch, anthracnose, Pythium spp., gray leaf spot, snow mold, take-all patch, leaf spot, summer patch, necrotic ring spot and more.

The formulation features azoxystrobin plus propiconazole, and the high solubility of the DG-Lite carrier allows the active ingredient to quickly reach the plant and helps eliminate granule “wash-away” during heavy rains.

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