On the Cutting Edge

Cutting Edge grass seed is a low-maintenance blend of Kentucky bluegrass and other top-rated seed cultivars that can establish a root system up to 48 inches. The lawn will grow to a dwarf height and require mowing two to four times a year, and will be durable, drought-tolerant and disease and insect-resistant. It is ideal for areas with water bans or those that are beginning to prohibit herbicides. It even thrives in hard-to-grow areas, such as hills, shade, sandy soil, and areas with high-salt content.

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Super Soil Structure

Soil Reef’s Biochar is a lightweight, highly porous organic material that can be used as a soil amendment. Its unique physical and chemical properties have the potential to improve soil structure, enhance water circulation, improve nutrient ability, and enhance beneficial microbial interactions with plants. It can also change the soil’s structure to allow compacted soil to breathe and create homes for microbes. It will not decompose like compost or manure, both of which disappear from the soil within a few years.

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It’s So Easy

EasyTurf’s artificial grass products are now made with Revolution fiber, which uses state-of-the-art technology to closely replicate the look and feel of natural sod. The softness of the fibers is made possible by 11 exterior and seven interior ridges crossing the width of the blade, allowing the fibers to flex, twist and rebound like natural grass blades.

The artificial grass also features a matte finish due to proprietary and precision manufacturing that helps increase color brilliance while reducing shine.

The Revolution landscape line includes traditional styles in single or multi-colored and thatched or non-thatched varieties, and also includes products engineered specifically for pet, play areas, golf, rooftop, military and commercial-grade applications.

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Portable Reel for Easy Watering

Hannay Reels’ GHAT 1200 Series is equipped with wheels for easy transport to any job. Including garden hose thread on outlet, 5-foot lead-in hose and hose end clips, this model allows for quick and neat storage and pickup with a permanent direct crank rewind. Continuous hose flow is possible with a swivel joint inlet, fluid hub and outlet riser.

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Light Up My Life

Orbit Industries’ line-up of compact electronic transformers for low-voltage landscape lighting, the LET/LVT Series, can be installed indoors or outdoors and includes various options, such as a dimming loop, potentiometer and grounding wire. Models are available in an operational range from 10 watts to 300 watts.

A patented auto heat regulator automatically provides overload protection, dimming the output voltage if the system accidentally overheats (194 degrees Fahrenheit). The Series is also dimmable without producing any acoustic noise.

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Razor Sharp

Razor, Inc., introduces its new custom multi-edge lawn mower blades, a tri-blade and quad-blade made of AR450 wear plate steel and laser cut. The tri-blade was designed to reduce fuel consumption and make a better balanced and longer-lasting blade than traditional blades on the market. The quad-blade is for those mowing in the harshest conditions where standard blades struggle to finish the job.

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Reliable Fleet Management

Telogis Fleet 9 gives fleet managers and business owners greater flexibility in configuring reports to fit the exact needs of their industry, size and type of fleet. From Telogis, the fleet management software integrates seamlessly with Telogis Route, Telogis Progression and Telogis Mobile. Ad Hoc Reporting allows users to create reports defined by the specific data elements most applicable to their fleet and work, and a new Terminology Module allows users to change terms and wording throughout the system to match their company’s internal nomenclature. A new InSight Alert Engine expands safety, security and productivity capabilities by allowing users to define an alert based on any and all parameters that exist in the system, including driver behavior and vehicle performance.

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Now You Can Keep Your Head in the Clouds

Asset from Include Software is now available in the Cloud. A Cloud application service (or Software as a Service) is a mode of delivering software over the Internet without local installation on a desktop or laptop. Asset addresses every aspect of management, including scheduling, drafting invoices, payroll, emailing, reminders, tracking budgets and budget limits, collecting field data, and preparing financial statements.

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Easy Way to Test Soil

The SM150-Kit portable soil moisture probe can be used in all types of soils and artificial medias. Engineered for reliability and high performance, it is well-suited for research, greenhouse irrigation scheduling, golf or sports turf, or agricultural applications. It includes the SM150 sensor and the HH150 readout, with calibrations for organic and mineral type soils. The SM150 sensor (sold separately) can also be used with data loggers or added to other soil moisture logging systems for continuous soil moisture monitoring.

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Insurance for Irrigation Tubing

Physical root barriers in Techline CV microemitters protect tubing from plant and tree root intrusion and are among the reliability features built into Netafim’s subsurface dripline. The 17-mm-wide flexible tubing features two PSI check valves in each emitter for equalized application of water throughout the system, and check valves also prevent low emitter drainage with elevation changes up to 4.5 feet. The proprietary dripper design offers continuous self-flushing through the line, and pressure compensation allows equal amounts of water delivered over a broad range from 14.7 to 70 PSI.

Techline CV can be used to irrigate turf, trees, shrubs and bedding areas in residential and commercial installations, and can be installed either subsurface or aboveground. It delivers water directly to rootzones in precise, measured droplets (.26 to .9 GPH), and the flexible tubing is available in coils from 100 feet up to 1,000 feet.

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Drag it Out

Earth & Turf Products’ Heavy-Duty Drag Mat is great for breaking up debris after core aeration and leveling after topdressing. Mats measure 6-by-6 feet and .75-inch thick, and are made of heavy-duty, recycled rubber. Durable, long-lasting hitch system sandwiches rubber between two heavy steel plates using 7/16 inch bolts. The mats weigh a total of 133 pounds each.

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Mow With a Pro

The BOB-CAT ProCat line of premium mid-sized commercial riding mowers features two models with open-frame design for enhanced visibility, a low seat platform for an enhanced center of gravity, an extreme discharge DuraDeck and expanded discharge chute, and new motion control design that eliminates lost linkage motion for smooth operation. The mowers come with a choice of 52- or 61-inch deck, Kohler Command Pro engines with canister-style air filters, and an EPA-compliant fuel system that offers ground speeds up to 11.5 mph.

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Keep Turf in its Place

Enkamat R45 from Profile Products delivers maximum soil and root reinforcement at low elongations, and will not stretch due to its high-strength, high-modulus geogrid that acts as an additional tensile element. This, along with the matrix’s 95 percent open space, leads to faster vegetation establishment and maximum root entanglement. The three-dimensional matrix acts as a reinforced grip layer that allows vegetation to withstand periodic light, vehicular traffic, and mowing and maintenance operations on slopes. It is ideal for demanding and specialized applications, including levee armoring; steep slope and channel stabilization; canal and shoreline protection; and slope failure repairs.

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