Get Rid of Tree and Shrub Pests Fast

PBI/Gordon Corporation’s Zylam Liquid Systemic Insecticide contains dinotefuran, which is a soluble liquid labeled for chewing and sucking insect pests, such as aphids, borers, thrips and lace bugs in trees and shrubs. It is labeled for drench, bark banding, soil injection and foliar applications.

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One Sharpener for Many Tools

The Byers’ All-in-1 Pruner, Knife and Tool Sharpener from Creative Sales Company is manufactured with diamond sharpened carbide, and features factory preset angles that provide a precision edge for consistent professional results. The sharpener is custom-made for sharpening pruners, loppers, shears, knives, axes, hatchets, mower blades, multi-tools, scissors and other single- or double-edged tools. An ergonomically designed thumb rest aids control and accuracy.

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An Evolution in Asset Management

WennSoft Evolution, a complete operational solution, is built on the Microsoft xRM framework that can operate as a stand-alone solution, can be integrated with Microsoft Dynamics ERP products, or can be integrated with other business application software and services. It delivers asset management, maintenance agreements, segmented work orders, field service, advanced dispatching and scheduling, mobile solutions for field technicians, quotes, purchasing and invoicing, and includes Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Evolution can be implemented in phases or all at once, based on customer requirements. It can also be deployed on premise or in the cloud. Technicians in the field can use multiple devices across operating systems, such as iOS, Android and Windows 7, to access FieldTech, a mobile solution with online and “Store and Forward” capabilities.

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Divert Water with the DT35

The Land Pride DT35 Ditcher features an adjustable depth shoe, 1-inch ripper shank, #80 drive chain, and 2-inch main shafts. With an adjustable cutting diameter of 16 or 18 inches, the cutting edges are reversible/replaceable and manufactured from AR400 material.

Ideal for 30 to 60 hp tractors, the DT35 creates channels up to 9 inches in depth for small irrigation ditches or for diverting water from unwanted areas.

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Living on the Edge

The Piper Edger-Vac creates clean edges between a lawn and flower beds, as well as vacuums up grass clippings and debris. From the T. Allan Piper Company, the unit is powered by a 6.5 hp engine and features a four-edged steel blade with a cutting depth up to 3 inches. The vacuum runs at 8,640 RPMs.

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Simple Splitting

The 2000LS-H 2-Way Log Splitter from Dosko is a horizontal splitter that splits in either direction. Featuring a 160cc Honda OHV commercial engine, the unit is a towable, heavy-duty, 25-inch splitter with a 20-ton splitting force. It utilizes a two-stage 11 GPM hydraulic pump.

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Easy Mover

The Pat’s Easy Mover system is a front-end loader-style bucket, a transport box and a trailer mover/toolbar that can be used to tow trailers using a tractor. From Greenwell Mfg. LLC, the unit attaches to the rear of a tractor using the included three-point hitch trailer mover/toolbar, and is available in 4-, 5- and 6-foot models. It can dig into the ground or move piles of dirt or other debris, and the scooping mechanism makes it ideal for scooping and evenly spreading rock on driveways, leveling dirt piles or spreading mulch.

The system includes a removable tailgate, which can be stored in the bucket when not in use.

The trailer mover/toolbar comes with a 2-inch receiver hitch, as well as a place to mount a gooseneck ball (not included).

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Reel Power

Hannay Reels’ 4000 Series manual or power rewind hose reel is lightweight and features a compact design that allows for mounting in almost any location. It is designed to handle long lengths of hose over a large area, and is ideal for a variety of lawn maintenance applications, including pest control, spraying, watering and washdown. A chain and sprocket drive is powered by an electric, hydraulic or compressed air motor and is equipped to handle single .75 or 1-inch ID hose.

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Small Size, Big Opportunities

The CS2410 subcompact tractor from KIOTI Tractor offers a 24.5 hp diesel engine, 20.7 hp PTO and a ground clearance of 6.4 inches. Standard features include rear- and mid-PTOs; power steering; parking brake; PTO cover; headlights; signal lamps; an SMV sign; horn; cupholder; and a joystick valve when purchased with a loader. There are also various options available, such as front and rear hydraulic valves; rear working lights; rearview mirror; canopy kit; block heater; grill guard; front towing hook; hydraulic filter guard; and a swivel seat. The CS2410 is also designed for easy maintenance with a vertical opening hood and an enclosed muffler.

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No More Clogged Emitters

Dramm’s PCAS larger pressure-compensated emitter is designed to reduce clogging and has a larger body that allows for a larger labyrinth, which allows more debris to pass through without collecting in the emitter and clogging the flow. Filtration is still a requirement with the PCAS like standard drip irrigation emitters, but the wider labyrinth reduces the amount of clogged emitters in a system by allowing debris to pass through with less restriction.

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Keeping Time

The JobClock Hornet from ExakTime automatically sends electronic time records back to the office every hour. It is housed in a weatherproof ABS plastic composite case, and is lightweight and portable with a 30-day rechargeable battery. With Hornet updating time records hourly, management can make real-time adjustments based on accurate, timely information, and the wireless transmission over a reliable GSM network ends the frustration of dealing with paper time cards.

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Do You Have the Advantage?

TurfTime Equipment has added the TT 1000 to its Advantage line of topdressers. The 1-yard galvanized steel hopper can be heaped to 1.5 yards or enhanced to 2.5 yards with optional 12-inch sides when spreading compost. Made to work with existing equipment, it is powered by tractor hydraulics, PTO or a 13 hp engine. Remote controls adjust the belt and spinners for up to 30 feet of coverage.

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Application Math Made Easy

KERB SC turf and ornamental specialty herbicide from Dow AgroSciences features a formulation that uses pints per acre, rather than pounds, making it easier to match rates to the treatment area. The new liquid formulation also is easier on equipment and reduces worker exposure.

The herbicide offers both preemergence and early postemergence control of many winter annual and perennial grasses, including Poa annua from warm-season grasses, and the removal of perennial ryegrass from warm-season grasses during spring transition. It is available in most states.

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Organic Weed Control

AXXE Broad Spectrum/Herbicide is formulated as an herbicidal soap utilizing ammonium nonanoate, which is NOP compliant and OMRI listed for use in organic production. From BioSafe Systems, AXXE is formulated as a liquid concentrate that is mixed with water and can control a number of annual and perennial broadleaf weeds, as well as mosses, liverworts and lichens. Made of natural fatty acids, it works by removing or “burning” the waxy cuticle of green vegetation, and will not move through soil to injure nearby plants. It is available in 5-, 30-, 55- and 275-gallon sizes.

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Portable Compressors

The wheeled-portable G-Series air compressors with electric power from Jenny Products, Inc. are available in eight models with 8-, 15-, 17-, and 30-gallon air tanks with either 3 or 5 hp motors. The 3 hp models produce 13.8 CFM at 100 PSI or 13.5 CFM at 125 PSI; the 5 hp models produce 18.3 CFM at 100 PSI or 17.8 CFM at 125 PSI. All models operate from a 230-volt, single-phase power source.

The compressors are built with heavy-duty cast-iron compressor pumps and powder-coated air tanks, and contain directional air shrouds and large flywheels for enhanced pump cooling and easy start-up.

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New Windshields for Curtis Cabs

Curtis Industries, LLC has added two windshield options to its product line for the PathPro series cab systems for Polaris Ranger UTVs.

The Polaris Ranger 800, PathPro RCS cab system now has a laminated safety glass option with a venting feature. The PathPro SS cab system for the Polaris Ranger 800 and Crew now comes standard with venting hard coat polycarbonate windshields to provide full air circulation within the enclosure. Windshield upgrades for older models are available for both cab systems.

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