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Move Mulch …

The A.M. Leonard Scoop Fork features an all poly construction that reduces tool weight, yet moves mulch at a fast pace. Beveled tines pierce through mulch piles, straw, compost, leaves, hay and more, while the deep scoop-shaped tines yield a high carrying capacity. The eight-tine construction features an average 1 3/8-inch tine spacing. The poly handle has a comfortable feel, and the large 1 3/8-inch-diameter grip is textured for slip resistance. The handle measures 30 inches long, and the head is 14.5 by 15 inches. The overall length of the scoop fork is 44.5 inches.

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Hose Protection

Reelcraft Series 5000, 7000 and 8000 enclosed reels have a steel enclosure for an additional level of protection for the hose from potentially harmful foreign debris.

The reels are designed such that removing the cover on either side will allow access to the majority of serviceable parts. A full flow shaft and swivel assure maximum product delivery, and the cast guide assembly offers four nylon guide rollers to guard the hose from wear due to angular hose pull.

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Color Your World

To address the needs of turf professionals wanting a high-performance turf colorant for spray applications, Becker Underwood has introduced Vision Pro HD.

It offers the closest match to a natural turf color produced by the plant itself, and the refined ingredients create a higher definition of color on close-mowed turf. It is suitable for all professional spray equipment and is safe for all types of pump seals, and no seal changes are required.

Vision Pro HD provides a complementary color to spray mix applications that are designed to promote overall plant health and protect against pests.

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Got Water?

The Dynamax TH150 Portable Soil Moisture Probe is accurate and easy to use. It is a great tool for determining water content in soils of all types, even in dry conditions, and has built-in calibrations for mineral or organic soils. With the press of a button, the TH150 instantly displays soil water content as a decimal or percentage value.

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Rapid Thaw

Powerblanket’s Extra-Hot (EH) heating blankets provide added levels of heat for rapid thawing capability and equipment and machinery protection. Featuring patented GreenHeat Technology, the blankets create a barrier of insulated heat for effective temperature control and freeze prevention.

The EH blankets are suited to accelerate the thawing of frozen ground (up to 24 inches deep) for concrete preparation, footings, excavation and other cold weather applications. Service trucks, fuel tanks and heavy equipment can be preheated with the blankets, which are also useful for melting and preventing snow, ice and frost accumulation on job sites, roofs and walkways.

They are available in standard sizes as small as 2 by 2 feet and as large as 6 by 12 or 3 by 25 feet, with custom sizes also available. Standard models are rated to minus 10 degrees Fahrenheit, while Roughneck Gray versions are rated to perform in temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lightweight and portable, each blanket is powered by 120-volt electricity, with custom options available, and built with a durable outer shell that is winter-proof and water-resistant. Non-horizontal versions of the blankets are also available to meet UL/CSA/CE safety standards when required.

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Upgrade Your Reel

Coxreels introduces the brawny upgrade available for any hand-crank or motorized 1125 Series hose reel. This feature is an added option that strengthens the discs and the drum, preventing potential damage under increased pressure usage.

The brawny reels are designed with 10-gauge steel plates welded into each disc to keep them from bowing. The center drum is thickened and upgraded from standard 16-gauge to 14-gauge steel to prevent deformation and eventual crushing of the drum that can be caused by hose pressure.

This option is ideal for high-pressure spraying operations where high-pressure hose is used.

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Breathe In

Made from neoprene material and equipped with an active carbon filter, the RZ Mask filtrates 99.9 percent of dust and allergens while absorbing odors. The mask covers the nose and mouth and has seen application in the lawn care and landscape industry, along with over 40 other uses. Available in over 20 designs and colors.

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